Awakening intuition and clairvoyance

I have bought the spider and the green butterfly and it talks about a form of divination using chicken bones, unlike other forms of divination like tarot cards and runes, the bones supposively speak to you if you are intuitive enough. Also in E.A.'s mastering divination course he “intuits” someone who will be watching the course in the future, which is extremely impressive. I remember doing the blue ray meditation and having good success with prophetic dreams and visions, but I’m looking for something more, I was wondering, if everyone comes together and talks about how to tap into intuition and clairvoyance, we might be able to help each other and help new people to the LHP.

Is mastering intuition and clairvoyance just a matter of keep meditating? Or are there methods that can unlock deeper intuiton locked into something I might be overlooking. Thanks for the help everyone!


Chakra work is said to awaken intuition as well. I suppose you could count that as a form of meditation combined with energy work.


Keep doing divination! I do it as a side business for the people in my community and occasionally I’ll just “know” things. For instance, I’ll see a person and just know random things about them, even if I’ve never met them. Either that or I’m just fucking loony.


@XIII You can have a similar experience when automatic writing with blood while invoking The Black Fire. It’s not an all purpose divination method though. Just a one off thing to get your personal words of power.


Holy fucking shit man, I had made this before taking a hiatus for a while because it was sort of consuming my life in a bad way, I had the same question I asked before those 2 years ago on this forum pop into my mind just today about using intuition to make automatic writing work, I never got to read the replies here, so thanks in advance. God damn, how my life has changed in the 2 years this was posted. Fuck man. What a journey, I’d give anything to go back those years and tell my past self how shit has changed.

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It’s a damn shame that that video is unavailable now.

Ooh how has shit changed? If you dont mind sharing.

Clairvoyance n lower intuition is third eye chakra i.e. middle of forehead.
Higher intuition is crown chakra.
Pick your target n start meditating and/or pumping energy into it.

Shit, I took a hiatus becuase I wasn’t getting certain rituals to work too well, until certain rituals started working TOO WELL. I did one to be on my feet with BUNE, and a couple months later I got kicked out of my house by my mom, (I still live with her, we are impoverished) and I almost froze to death that night, it was in kentucky and it was a record breakingly cold winter, it was around negative 20 and I almost froze to death. I walked from georgetown to downtown lexington on foot, which is a very very large distance, I had to move in with my sister and then on my own. I noticed through all that that my abusive mother was out of my live, I had my own apartment, and I’m financially stable, but still impoverished. I would take this a million times over living with her, things improved. After a false rape allegation at work almost ruining my entire life, I decided that it was time to learn to kill people using baneful magick, bring enough success into my life until I can be my own boss, and get good enough at divination so I can see this shit coming, so here I am. I just made alot of discoveries about myself like how I used sex to feel loved because I don’t think any girl will find me good enough for romance, which most don’t, I learned alot of how young women choose to date and it has really destroyed me, but I plan to use black magick to pull a good woman into my life. I’m learning to hone my black magick skill to get rituals to work better or work at all. Wish me the best of luck, thanks for asking!

BTW I’m certain I would have died that night if it not for me being so overweight, lol, so woohoo for obesity. (BTW I’m losing weight too.)

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Higher vs lower intuition - how do you know which is telling you something?
My intuition speaks to me all the time but I don’t trust it many times when I should. I’m having a hard time distinguishing between my wants/hopes vs intuition.

I am looking into many different rituals to help clarify the messages I am receiving.
@Lady_Eva any help here on this would be appreciated! Also, thank you for the PM on shamanic training

Higher intuition comes from crown chakra. It does not have any images or forms. You just know it.
Lower intuition comes from forehead chakra or the third eye. It have some type of form like an images in the mind. You can see or verify it through some forms.