Awakening 300 souls in 2 months

Hi guys, I’m confused, can I wake up the spirits in a place like a forest during the day and learn from them?

Ea said that the more we awaken the souls, the stronger our astral senses will be, so I want to awaken 300 souls to both learn the spirit world and bring my astral senses to maximum strength.

And I work hard and go to work. I have 2 hours left to rest before going to work. Can I wake them up when I’m tired?I will awaken at least 5 souls a day some ordinary angels and demons some elemental kings.

Who should be the first soul I summon to gain superpowers and learn advanced techniques in astral and soul travel?

I think you are misunderstanding what EA was talking about. You can’t “awaken souls” (whatever that means) and then suddenly gain superpowers and become an adept magician overnight.

Judging by your recent posts, it seems to me like you are looking for shortcuts to becoming an adept, and, I’m sorry to say, there just isn’t any. You cannot escape having to do the work required. If evoking 300 souls or whatever was all it took, then there would be a hell of a lot more adepts roaming around than there are.


I guess I was misunderstood, I didn’t say super power is gained in 1 night, it may take years, months, I just asked if your soul can teach me these powers.

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It takes years of work, but yes, there are plenty of spirits that can teach you. Choose one and get started.


The hardest part is actually getting started. It’s like pumping water from an old water pump. At first it’s slow and hard and no water comes out. Keep on for a minute and it becomes easier to pump and the water begins to flow. Keep at it and it will be super easy to pump and water will pour out heavily.

Learning and training in the occult sciences are just like that. They require great effort in the beginning but with time it gets easier and yields great results.


I think I remember you’re using an English translator? I’m assuming you mean summon 300 entities, five per day?

Yes you can do this when you’re tired as long as you stay focused. It’s a known practice, to deliberately go without sleep to try to get hallucinations. I’ve never tried it but it exists.


Be cautious with this method though. Lack of sleep means you can become an agent of harm to yourself or others.


Yes I agree with this. A serious lack of sleep can cause your natural spiritual defenses to become thin and worn and you’ll be much easier for a spirit to manipulate you or make an attachment to you. I wouldn’t advise sleep deprivation.