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during past week I was using Winterfield’s course of evocation of Goetia Demons. I did mainly the second ritual - every time is said “Know me…(and the name of spirit)” I experienced strong shivers I couldn’t do myself without, let’s say, a bucket of icy water. After those shivers an odd presence wasn’t felt by me, but the chills made my think the ritual worked. And there my problem starts. I was doing like 3-4 rituals every day, with different spirits. Every one of them had a different style of such shivers (the strongest were with Leraje). I have never doubled spirits on concrete tasks, I was rather playing like a general ordering them to take care of different aspects of my request. But results never came ( I know, it needs time etc.) except Leraje inflicting psychical pain on one of my targets like 2-3 hours after ritual and girl I wanted to be romantically inflamed by me treating me a lot better than she was before. But then I wanted to sort of see how’s work going so I “interviewed” Sallos, Sitri and Leraje.
Whilst Sallos appeared to be very funny - to communicate with him I used 4 pennies - and actually told me a lot of things, he just said that the girl I have chosen is not in his type and I should rely on him. Then I asked how fast will he deliver and the said in an hour. And guess what, after hour nothing happened. I was not forcing it to be in one hour, I was just politely asking.
Then I evoked Sitri and tried with him. He had his task like for 5 days and was either playing with me or this 4 penny divination does not work. He said I will get my results by midnight. This talk was very random - some answers were contradicting other and I ended it quickly.
Hours later I asked Leraje. He said that he does not like this penny divination and I should talk to him normally. I did it. But again, had I slight impression that something is not like it should be. I do not know what exactly, but whatever.
Here are my questions, would be grateful if you could aswear them. Really, really grateful.

  1. Could it be like this, that my requests got somehow cancelled after those “control” evocations?
  2. Is the 4 penny divination method good or should I use something else?
  3. How long should I wait for results? It would be a problem for me if a girl I cursed appeared out of nowhere in my life after, let’s say, 6 months. I am patient, this is all about orderliness.
  4. How should I treat such statements that I will achieve my results in x days/hours from the divination method. Should I ditch such questions?|

Thank you kindly for any answear, stay healthy and warm

I suggest that you use the first ritual instead of the second ritual. You want results, not an interview. So work on the “petition for results” ritual until you practice evocation and become more familiar with how it works.

Can’t recommend that yo use the 4 penny method to communicate with spirits. It’s a simple divination method, not a communication tool.

Nobody can tell you the exact time for your results because nobody knows how you performed your rituals. And you shouldn’t ask such questions about timing, it’s useless to ask that. Whatever answer you’ll get it may or not be accurate, because circumstances change all the time.

Also try Damon Brand’s book, Archangels of Magick. You may find it helpful.


In this second ritual I didn’t do anything but just stated my request. Only today I started to talk with them. Should such stated request count?

And I have used petitions already, but the first request that worked was from second ritual.

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If you’re getting better results from the second ritual then keep using it. It’s all about your results. But no need to make it more complicated by asking too many details. Just deliver your simple and clear request then you’re done.

No need to use the 4 penny method or ask about exact timing etc