AVE ? Occultifying religious music?

I have about zero music ability- other than listening, but I was just watching a youtube vid one the Therimin instrument. Cool was an understatment… so is difficult. but while the guy was trying to play what what “Ave Maria” [thank hells you never worked catholic funerals 3-4 days aweek] all of the sudden I thought, “Hey wait… why not Ave Lucifer- or Satanis- or Belial- Leviathan??”" There is shitloads of ‘Familiar Religious’ music who could be relyriced and be so great.
In my First Satanic Church of
Clarksville Tennessee I am try to bring to life, I have been gathering music I would wish to be used has “Hymns”. before you projectile hurl, they are less about any honoration of exterior deities and full on Veneration of US, Homo Est Deus… lotsa Mono-Inc… Children of the Dark etc.
Why not relyric such songs and use them… weird? Yeah, but hell, if anything would be “in your face” to the religiosos who belittle and battle us of the RHP… why not turn there cherished brainwashing technique into something from the LHP they won’t ever be able to “wash out of their heads” ?? just a thought.

Aslo, who else sat in church during those grueling ass hours not “relyricing” straight out loud??? I anticipated shitloads of lightening, and friends moved aside… cool more room for me !:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: