Automatic Writing

Not sure if that’s technically what I do. But I find that if I can’t hear a spirit, it’s a lot easier for me to instead type down my question, then type the answer I receive. It’s like I’m hearing it directly, but that’s the only way my mind can shut up enough for the message to come through clearly.

Has anyone else experienced that? Hopefully in time I won’t have to resort to that, but I think it works.


I think it’s a great way to practice your inner, psychic hearing. I tend to write whatever comes to mind when I’m journalling, and automatic writing in a ritual has a very similar feel to it. I think it helps you let go, like you said, and get into the flow of receiving without getting in your own way. After doing this a lot, I noticed that spirit messages have this sort of quality or feeling to them that’s distinct from my own thoughts, like something you tap into in your mind.

I can communicate with spirits now without the need for writing, but I still do it more often than not. I like having a verbatim record of what the spirit said, and it does still help keep the connection strong and free from distractions, especially if I happen to be feeling a little drowsy or low-energy late in the night or early morning, keeps me from nodding-off with my eyes closed.


This is what I normally suggest for those who have issues seeing or hearing. I’ve found it works really well :slight_smile:

Totally agree :+1:

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Yes exactly, I’ve seen that as well. And I can see how over time I could tune into that message more easily without having to write. It does make it easier though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use a pendulum, coins and the universe. Your ears may not be open but you eyes will never shut

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Yep! It’s great practice for communicating with spirits.

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