Automatic drawings/art thread

Anyone here have any experience with automatic drawings? I’ve completed a few. The most important part is completely emptying the self and letting the rest take care of itself. I want this thread to be related to magical art and automatism, feel free to share any art and discuss automatism tips!!

These were both done using one line. The first is an Elven man and the second one is a lady with a chicks body :slight_smile:

No automatic drawings? :frowning:

I personally have never experimented with automatic drawing but on the broader topic of magical art I do ussualy atempt to draw spirits I work worth aswell places and experiances from my journeys into the astral.

I’ll give it a shot. Why not? :slight_smile: Give me a bit - I’ll see what kind of madness I can get to flow from my “empty” hand…

Would love to see some drawings soundwave, and i know you can do it dk since you channel.

ok - well, this is what I got.
The one is interesting, the other just looks like scribbles. lol
But yeah - interesting … I’ll have to experiment more with this for sure. Even with specific entities would be interesting.
I just closed my eyes and let it fly. I’ve gotta say though - it’s definitely hard to keep the mind out of it. You have to almost completely ignore what’s going on. Very cool though man. :slight_smile:

Oh those are awesome DK! Especially for starters… you can see the forms coming out of the abyss, which is one of my favorite things about it. Just sitting there afterwards after the no-thought process, and then flipping it over and trying to process it with your conscious thinking… there’s something about the flip flop that I love. It is also sort of like a portal onto the paper, you could be impressed upon by other worlds coming through… or you can even ask certain entities to draw themselves… I tried this with faeries… haha
this is what I got. Reversed to make them glowy :slight_smile:

I am pondering what kind of language that is up top DK are you from another planet… lol.

lol - yeah, I have no clue :stuck_out_tongue:
Awesome faries though :smiley: very cool. I’m going to do more of this. I definitely dig it :wink:

Just me, or did anyone else get an abyssal looking face out of the second one? not outright, kinda hidden in the background?