Automatic Clairaudience?

Hey guys!

My Clairaudience is improving gradually, however its not quite as automatic as some people here. What I mean, is that I’m able to “hear” when I make a concerted effort to do so, but it closes when I leave the ritual.

Is there something I’m missing, or should I just be patient? Generally speaking, I dont so any psychic exercises beyond ritual work and channeling using sigils.

I doubt those who speak of their automatic successes on just about everything they do, so do not fret about what others claim, especially on the internet in general. Sincerity is lost.

In any case, patience is your friend. All good things come in their time, and practice is the best thing you or anyone can do to enhance your senses. Be blessed, as many cannot achieve anything simply because they have no concept of any mental sentience.


Just keep doing the work and don’t believe everything you read. Some people have this ability and some only think they do. Either way, it doesn’t matter as far as your own efforts are concerned.

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That natural proclivity varies is natural, and has little to do with what one’s true potential as a magician is.

Also any natural clairaudient would probably envy you for not having to hear the things they hear all the damn time, if they haven’t put in work of their own to try and control it.

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