Autism and [the Planet] Mercury

Is there a correlation between Mercury and Autism?

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Are you talking about planet Mercury, if that’s so there could be a relation cause Mercury rules over comunication skills learning and teaching among other things


Mercury the planet. Any astrological correlations.

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What @Teodoro_Fortunato said. I’d find it odd if there wasn’t.

But did you want to use this in some way?

Is it possible to predict the birth of autistic children using Mercury. Can Mercury’s energy be used to treat autism?

do you mean: if it is possible to predict autism reading mercury on a natal chart for example?
if it is so, I think it might be possible, but some let’s say difficult configurations of Mercury, could also end up in different situations.
I’m sure you could treat autism using mercury’s energy in some way, but I am not sure it will totally work cause in a way you would not know exacly what you want, I mean you may want to be a non autist person, but do you know how that feels? for example
so how would you know exactly what to change, mmm I guess having all the theory could work
but I think there’s a better way, and that is going trough your natal chart
cause your natal chart will point to some harsh configurations, so knowing which configurations are those, it can give you the way to solve them, for example:
imagine your Mercury has a square Saturn (giving a really light example) then you know you will have to work that Saturn energy over your Mercury.
I can explain with more detail, but, if you want to do things properly, I can offer you a reading of your natal chart, so I can give you the exact work you must do.

If you want it, then you will need to give me your birth day, birth our, and exact birth place, and I can give you the reading…

if you want to do this more privately just PM me.

The only way to find out is to give talisman’s made of the mineral / metal that it represents. Such as agate. Even then, I’ve never studied a natal chart belonging to someone afflicted with autism. But the ancients believed that we are ruled by the stars and their powers and deficits. Eg; if a man lacks drive he is lacking iron (mars influence) so he’ll be given an iron talisman to hold onto.

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Mars talisman. That would help me.

There is absolutely a link between the autistic spectrum and Mercury. I work as an adult educator for young folk on the autistic spectrum and so deal with the communication and social developmental issues that characterise autism on a daily basis. Mercury governs communication and social interaction, thus there appears to be a deficit of the Mercurial influence in those on the autistic spectrum. To compensate for this magically one might construct a simple yellow charm bag containing the magic square of Mercury, hazel, almond, peppermint and agate. One would also want to encourage the consumption of foods containing the aforementioned plants. Perhaps working and sleeping in a yellow coloured room or wearing yellow coloured clothes may also help. Baths containing lavender and/ or marjoram oil (the lavender would be especially beneficial here as those on the autistic spectrum experience elevated and constant levels of anxiety because of sensory overload due to the absence of the usual sensory filters in the brain. Lavender is a sedative herb that can have a calming effect to in some way compensate for this). One may also wish to evoke the influence of spirits governed by Mercury and include their sigils in the charm bag mentioned above or engraved on items of jewellery.

Hope this helps


Yes, if Mercury and the Moon is afflicted, especially in Navamsa, there is a high chance of Autism or Autistic like tendencies.

I have twin cousins that have not be diagnosed Autistic, however, have autistic tendencies.

When I looked at their natal charts, their natal charts didn’t show any major afflictions on Mercury or the moon, however, in Navamsa, the Moon was conjunct with the South Node within 3 degrees, and Mercury was combust within 1 degree.

In order to correct this issue, you need to look to see what is afflicting Mercury. Enhancing Mercury’s energies won’t be enough to fix the problem. Are you able to provide birth details?

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