Author from lulu

Hi. If u published books in lulu. I buy u book. Now will u plz answer 2 questions, in you book. U seems familiar whits forum. Books etc, so i supose u are a member here. Will u pm. Its not info in you, book. Thamks.

Um…how will this author know it is them you are looking for? At least say the title of the book you are talking about. Otherwise the person you are trying to contact won’t know it is for them.


Bcse he put some ritual, from a book very knw, around here, and copyrhgts, and autjor rights etc. I dnt want to star a drama. He knw the gamw very well. And have over 28 years serios practice in magick invocation, evocation. The books cost $9.99.26 pages. I just want to knw the squares he put in tat book are from truly sources, or given to him by,? Its it.