Aurora Shootings


I write this out of concern and in complete humility. But do you think the Aurora shooting incident is related to black magic or a demonic activity? It’s been bothering me all day. But when I look at what’s known about this kid, how he was genius IQ, quiet, PHd candidate. Then all of a sudden he becomes a homicidal maniac and plots an elaborate operation to kill and wound so many people. It makes me think that someone could have unleashed a dark spirit on him. Oh hell, he could have opened himself up to something too. I’m just curious of your thoughts. Again I say this humbly and with reverence to those who have lost a loved one.


I doubt a “dark spirit” did this he probably had a brain chemical imbalance, or he just felt like killing some people. Personally I use magic to get my fix but hey people have their own methods of doing everything.


Agreed, demonic influence is very unlikely.


A few years back we had a heavily armed youngster walk into a daycare center and stab a few babies and caretakers to death. He had painted his face in a hideous black and white pattern and when the police first apprehended him and brought him in for questioning, they reported he was giggling demonically and talking gibberish the entire time. He had no drugs in his system and a few days later the boy -who hardly remembered the killings- confided in a psychiatrist he had been hearing voices for a long time and that they were threatening him and instructing him to kill. This was also a very quiet kid with no apparent abuse at home.

Of course the official version is just ‘psychosis’, but now the boy has even been declared ‘sane’ and fit for trial… Nobody is linking this to possession, which according to Robert Bruce has become quite rampant in recent years.

This however does not necessarily relate to the active use of black magic, it simply seems for some reason possession is on the rise.


There is definitely a dark undercurrent to all of this… I lived in Blacksburg a few years before the shootings there and I had nightmares about an apocalyptic slaughter happening in front of the Science building. There was a horrific atmosphere at night, pregnant with menace. A friend of mine was a grad student in the psychology department and he said that all of the schizophrenics in the New River Valley region had somehow “synced up.” They were all saying that the devil was coming to Blacksburg and something awful was going to happen. I forget what was supposed to happen - something like a… sacrifice?..some kind of ceremony, and the world would see. I can’t remember. Too long ago.

We keep having these cases of young men who miraculously transform overnight into effective guerilla fighters despite no history of combat training. You can’t just pick up a gun and instantly be able to hit large numbers of running people in public. A year or two ago there was a public shooting incident where one of the police investigators told the local news outlet that they had found in the suspect’s home a large DVD library of what was literally a terrorist training course. He said they taught how to use all kinds of assault weapons, how to plan the attack, and how to kill the maximum number of people possible. He said they were very professionally produced and expensive looking videos that they believed were being sold underground. I specifically remember the officer talking about how most people don’t realize how difficult it is to hit people in public, and how you’d have to train for months to be able to reliably kill more than one or two people. Of course, the national press totally ignored this part of the story and nobody ever followed up on it.


Well its a difficult one to call when things happen that seem too improbable to be happening by chance or coincidence and I bet most people on this forum dont much believe in coincidence anyway…But I tend to think more along the lines of a universe which is a web of interconnected force wherein nothing happens in a vacuum. Something made that kid jump out of his usual persona and into the energy of a killer. It may or may not have been demonic but as someone who has worked with psychotic people for many years theres no amount of psychosis that will make peoples underlying personality change. Schizophrenics who stab people ‘randomly’ were the sort of people who when not psychotic may well have stabbed you in a rage even without command hallucinations in my experience.

Makes me think of several weeks ago when there were four ‘zombie’ flesh eating incidents all in about a week and all as I recall in the USA. The black guy in Florida, the guy who killed his flatmate and filmed it after partially eating him, the woman in San Antonio who eat her infants brain parts, and the day after the guy in New Jersey throws his intestines at police…I mean you can say shit happens, but when all that happens together in one country in one week makes me think theres got to be a bigger connecting factor somewhere.


Oh, things always happen in sequence. If you see something twice, you’ll see it at least seven times in the next two weeks. That has everything to do with attention, as well. William Burroughs talked about that sort of thing in his lectures quite a bit if you’re interested in following the thread.
It has long been my contention that on the levels of consciousness far below the personality, people know “what’s reallly going on,” and what advancement I’ve made in magic has confirmed this many times. I think the secret fixations and understandings we don’t want to know about come out on the lower end of the conscious and cultural spectra.
Another thing I think is very important. These shootings always have an overt spiritual/political message that places them very near to a kind of transgressive performance art. And Americans, clinging to bovine philistinism to the bitter end, respond the way they respond to all true expressions of art - by using brain-dead polemics and hollow value judgements in a hopeless attempt to obscure the message and shut the whole thing down before too many impressionable people see it.
But the message this time was, I think, too obvious to conceal.
What did those people come to the theater for? What do you want to see when you go to the latest action blockbuster? What connection does your sitting in the dark watching action films about vigilante superheroes have to the current state of the the country and the world? There’s a direct line between that passive, escapist consumption of the infantile super hero trope and the overall state of the world. Didn’t these people get what they wanted? Didn’t they want excitement? Didn’t they want an easy villain? Didn’t they want to sit in the dark and watch people die? We ignore the poetry at our peril.
I want to make clear, I don’t think the attacker is an artist, but a conduit of repressed collective awareness.


Well guys here’s a bit of my thoughts on this. He was studying psychiatry at a doctoral level, so he’s most likely experimenting with altered states of conciousness, psychoactive drugs, and Philosophies about the human mind from authors from around the globe. At least that’s what I’d be doing if I were a doctoral candidate in psychiatry. Also Denver is well known as an occult Mecca and has a large number of pagan and black magick groups active. He may have met some of those folks and being a highly intelligent man, started asking questions and experimenting. Again, I would do the same thing.

Also @Necromaster. I remember a conversation where you were considering temporary possession by a particular demon. The advice given to you was to first test that spirit out by unleashing it on some fresh faced, just out of high school all American boy. Preferably a mindless, goody two shoe Christian. So what happens? What happens when a demonic spirit is released on someone like that? Do the just get pentagram tattoos and start listening to black metal? Or do they become the bitch servant of the demon? Can he become a maniacal killer?

I am one who typically looks for the physical and mundane explanation for events in life. But I know how much dark gods love death, terror and blood. So their presence in that movie theater must have been felt. I remember hearing an interview with EA where he mentioned demons flying over the battlefield and feeding off of the ectoplasm that was released. He also mentioned that many of the war casualties counted as human sacrifice.

Just my thoughts. Keep yours coming.


This is textbook government-staged, mind control-based, domestic terrorism.

Typically, young children are purchased from their parents by mind control handlers through a network of Satanic human traffickers, and then undergo 10-20 years of intense, sophisticated, drug-induced, brainwashing and mental programming that culminates in mass murder as a human sacrifice for some kind of large Illuminati black magick ritual. His public life as a student is just a meaningless cover they kept throughout this process.

If I had to bet money, I’d wager this is a 100% false flag, mind control, terrorist attack - planned, funded, and executed by deep shadow government - in order to advance the agenda of a totalitarian police state in the United States, and globally.

What interests me most at this point, is not even how or why this happened, but the astrological and numerological significance of all the details surrounding this ritual.


Well yea Timothy it has all the hallmarks of a false flag operation on one level to spread fear and panic and allow people to say we have to remove their guns and clamp down etc etc…But I’m not sure I buy 10-20 year indoctrination programmes to create sleeper psychopath killers ready to be unleashed at the right moment…But maybe thats because I dont want to believe that.

Your ritualistic sacrifice on a grand scale point is interesting and hasnt come up elsewhere yet on the forum. I know many in the alternative media have speculated that 9/11 was an elaborate ritual sacrifice with images of demonic faces in the smoke of the towers etc I dont know if that level of sacrifice is even possible. The world is a scarier cuthonic place than I thought it was if it is!


hmmmmm…Timothy…If one uses the mind to ponder your statements…you could even put the idea out there that the same education could be done to take over a country by inserting a particular one into the office of President of that country…hmmmmmm…let’s see, now…which country could we look at first…?



Mind control victims are victims for life.

10-20 years is just the average time they receive programming before being used in any sort of major public event. The training usually starts in childhood, so by their late teens they are ready. i.e. Columbine high school students

Once you are property of the Illuminati, they torture you in ritual until the day you die.

David Icke - Revelations, Arizona Wilder (FULL VIDEO)
Skip to 37:00.


I hope mind control is taught in the black magic program.


@necromaster…your warped sense of humor is even worse than Uncle Fester’s…LOL. You must get it from Mississippi. I lived in Nashville and also Memphis for a while so I think it must be from a mosquito bite.



Most of these “Satanic Ritual Abuse” cases consist only of testimonies, which tend to be dubious at best. Things which you can prove, like MK-Ultra, I am willing to accept, but Satanic children snatchers seems outlandish to me.


No, wrong. The testimonials are overwhelming, frequent, and confirm matching details between thousands of police and psychiatric reports over several decades.

Over 800,000 children go missing every year in the United States alone - that means almost 1 million new children go missing EVERY YEAR just in one country. Most are never found, not even their dead bodies.

Professional handlers and human traffickers are buying, selling, and trading them. These children either grow up as mind control slaves and are inserted back into society under a false identity, or die in ritual and during mind control victimization.


A question, then. If these people are being being brainwashed, who is to say their testimonies of Satanic/occult ritualism behind it are true? It could merely be a government program using “Satanism” as a facade to prevent serious investigation.


I am not ruling anything out. But I have my own theory that leans to Jungian psychology and basic metaphysics of consciousness. I know we are a diverse group here but humanity has suffered a basic psychological blight that affects all of us. The mainstream religion is bad psychology and fragments the psyche into compartmentalized units of energy that we call archetypes. Sam Harris point out how we are not even allowed to argue logically against irrational ideas of the mainstream religion. On a personal level this is a sickness. (my opinion only) We live in an age of rapid change and evolution/awakening. To quote a Sisters of Mercy song: “brittle things break before they turn.” In the crush of the evolution of consciousness how many more will break? According to the Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana it is like in thermal dynamics where the temperatures try to equalize. People feel the pressure of our changing consciousness and have to respond. The sleeping masses who have chosen not to claim their power are swept away as straw dogs in a tidal wave. The horror is escalating and even if we all went home and abandoned our own evolution we have already set it all in motion. It can not be undone. We are not responsible for people choosing to sleep in for the awakening; that is their free will. It is not demonic activity it is evolution of consciousness and those who hold on to there delusion of helplessness, will break. We are all connected. I know this post may be misunderstood and maybe even unpopular. It is what it is; my point of view. I introduce it because I do not like to see magicians blaming demonic activity for human actions. That is an old habit that while is possible is not the only possibility. I have had positive and negative experiences with entities but always from a place of power; myself. Surprisingly some of those entities who have the worst reputation, were the ones who’s contact with was the most beneficial. It is bad enough demons get bad press from the mainstream religion but from us?


On the brainwashing topic; I was in California in the 80’s during the original Satanic Underground Scare; when these reports first came out. There was never any evidence. Ever… Of course the reports are consistent; it is a well known urban legend. I have been around the Occult Community since the early 80’s and I am telling you it is just not true that Satanist are brainwashing people as sleeper agents. I can not believe we are accusing Satanist and bying into urban legends that the F.B.I. started in Bakersfield California over 30 years ago. In my opinion you are mistaken in your idea of ritual abuse or satanic brainwashing.


Exactly Pheonix, an urban legend and nothing more. While I do not deny that the government may have some nefarious projects, it is highly unlikely there are occultic connections.