Aura Scrying

So I was looking at the aura of my hand, which is normally blue, and I was trying to change its color by thinking emotional thoughts. This didn’t work but it did cause the aura around my hand to grow into a giant cloud around a foot in diameter, similar to the fog someone sees before scrying.

Is it possible to scry into a aura? If so has anyone done it and what could it be useful for?

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I never tried scrying with it as it rarely has a color and the “this color means this” never applied to how it appears to me. I just observe when it is more apparent than normal to try to understand why it’s standing out. I see it around the tops of trees, too. Birds have a circle-shaped one.

Side note: I did see movement once in that aura field. Looked like a mini tornado or vacuum coming off the girl’s shoulders. It was so bizarre to me I took a photo. When I adjusted the contrast and hue, you could make out a face staring right where the movement was.