Attraction Question

So when it comes to “attraction” spells, they seem to come in two extremes. Forcing a particular someone to take an interest in you and attracting someone random who’d be open to you. I’m looking for something in the middle.

There’s a common trope where someone may not make the best first impression, but at some point some quality of their’s shows that makes them more attractive to a potential partner. I’m looking for something like that, a way to make my better attributes come out, not just for the perceptions of others but myself. I can’t expect anyone to see or believe something that I don’t.

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Hmm I believe there was a Ritual like this in Mystical Words of Power by Damon Brand, titled “Attract Through Inner Light”, so you could request Angels to bring out attractive qualities within you, or make others see your attractive qualities clearly. Of course, the demons of the Goetia can also do this, and Sitri comes to mind but I am not well versed in Goetia so perhaps another spirit would be more appropriate.