Attraction Mantra Experiment

I will try to do 45 days of mantra chanting 10.000 repetitions a day and record my observations in this journal. I’m dedicating 15 days for each mantra (there are 3 of them) and see how the results manifest.

The mantras:

I have obtained my information from the website prophet 666 and will follow the guidelines given on the website.


Day one Observations:

I would need around 9 and a half hours a day to complete the mantra, which is an immense commitment and I have to see if I can do that.

After 1800 repetitions of the mantra my energy system feels hijacked in a positive way. I notice a difference. I also saw Kamadeva, he smiled, but was nodding with his head like saying No don´t do that. I saw that as an invitation to instead practice his mantra first before going onto more extreme practices, like the ones mentioned above.

The issue with the above mantras is that they have to be chanted EACH day for 10.000 repetitions which is nearly impossible for a westerner with a job in my opinion. Is there anybody knowledgable enough that could evaluate my approach of chanting the above mantras 1.000 times a day for 40 days instead of 10.000 a day for 15 days? Help is appreciated!

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108 is the number of perfection so to do more than that probably is useless. Buy some malas and use them magically.


Honestly I’m not knowledgeable enough but since I have Ancestral ties to these Gods,they let me chant it as many times as I want and told me that it’s the intention and I’ll assume devotion that matters


Picking up Mantras from the internet is not recommended.

I mean I dont have any other method of acquiring mantras and dont plan to move to India soon.Do you have any recommended sources?

Firstly, Mantras especially these ones need initiation. They can be done without initiation, but that would be a huge task.

Now Hindu deities don’t show up in the first day of chanting usually. It takes up millions of chants usually. So either you are super advanced, or faking it, or maybe you’re just confused. I won’t comment too much.

Where do you live ? I could direct you to some authentic practitioners. At the same time dont expect they will give you an attraction mantra on asking, they’ll test you first.

I do not have a permanent home and move every three to six months, hence I cannot commit to a teacher-student relationship and rely on books and online sources.

Well all I can say is that do what you like, if you feel it’s working, great! No one else’s opinion matters then.

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So you dont have any thoughts on the idea of chanting it daily for 1000 times over the course of 40 days? Since you seem very knowledgeable about the topic.

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Actually that’s the right way to do it!

Though it seems total count is 1,50,000

So you’ll have to do 3750 each day.

At the same Time, please follow all rules of mantra chanting

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Thank you

Get some of Baal Kadmon books on mantras.
He has a written quite a number and he is knowledgeable in that regard.

You will surely have a broader view after reading some of them.

Please, trust my expertise here. Most of his mantras have been taken off the net and the number of chants prescribed is WRONG! The number of chants recommended there is for when you’ve already achieved siddhi ie. Perfection over the mantra

Mantra to destroy enemies

Om kreem hoom kreem sarv shatru stambhinee kalikayee phat

I got this mantra from yt video (he is priest)
Is this legit

If not tell some of your mantras

Yes, mantra is legit. it’s a stambhan mantra of Goddess Kali - stambhan here means to “Stop” so basically preventing enemies from harming you. Again, this mantra usually needs initiation but you can go ahead and try. Though considering it’s a stambhan mantra im sure there should be additional rules to it.

@The_Wizard_Rudra should be your go-to guy for mantras