Attracting online attention from the opposite sex

My question is pretty straightforward. Who do I call on to help me get attention from women on the internet?

I’m not targeting anyone in particular, nor do I expect to foster a meaningful long-term relationship, I just want conversation, preferably of a sexual nature. Does this even fall under love/lust magick? I mean, I essentially need help improving my ability to keep the other person’s interest. Would it be better to call on someone to help me improve my written communication skills?

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You need strategy and knowledge of game. It depends first if you are Man or Woman and also your intended person.

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Women usually tend to be more Heart first and then open the legs later unless their from a different back ground. Obviously alot of men the opposite.

This will help determine if you go for live or lust first.


I know it’s unreasonably late, But thank you for the reply. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of cybersex and it’s taught me a few interesting things about myself. When I made this post, I wanted to just be able to attract attention without having to lean the game.

The most important thing I took away from this whole ordeal, is that demons can only help you if you have a foundation to work off of. Pretty obvious, but I had to learn this the hard way. Now that I have gotten reasonably comfortable with navigating sexually charged spaces online, I feel that requesting occult assistance is waste of time and energy.

Most women will need a Softer approach so starting off more sexual would not be ideal. If they come from a background like a stripper then you more likely can go faster and how fast. But even then you have to feel the situation and person out to Know The Strategy.

Really? what did you find? Never explored that avenue !!! If u don’t mind sharing.

I’ll pm you tomorrow.