Attracting love with Sallos

Hi Everyone,

After working with Satanachia with succes, i feel she wants me to start working with Sallos, since his office deals with matters of Love.

Today i asked Great Duke Sallos his help with 3 petitions all related to Love.

I gave him offerings and for making time to come to me and listen to my petitions. I want to be a great host and he is my guest.

I asked his help and told him what i would give him in return after he helps me.

I feel light and relaxed.

I will keep u guys updated how it goes and also as a praise and promoting his.

  • Cocos cake
  • Cinnamon bread
  • Oven chicken with spices (raw)
  • Rolled beef (raw)
  • Red candle
  • Blood traced on his sigil
  • Glas of red wine
  • Glas of Jack Daniels whiskey with Cola


Keep us updated :innocent:.

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Yum! :yum: