Attracting a Specific Lover with the help of Demons

I am a man, and I am very seriously looking for a woman. The thing is, I’m not just looking for anyone, I have a very specific type of woman in mind. The woman I’m looking for is of European descent, and has a Gothic style, she is also physically and spiritually beautiful. She has an overall positive demeanor, and a good heart. She would also be open to marriage, and children.

I understand this is being ridiculously specific (not a good recipe for quick results), but my aim is to illustrate as closely as possible, the type of person I’m looking for; so that my question to you dear reader, is well enough understood.

The Question: Is there an approach you are aware of that a specific petition such as this may be made?

I have read about Angels, and their ability to work love magick, but I am not sure how specific I can be with them, or demons for that matter. I am considering working with Duke Dantalion for this, I would show him a youtube video of the type of look I’m going for, but again, not sure how specific I should be beyond that. I have not yet brought this before any spirit, as I want to make entirely sure that I’m not wasting their time, and mine.


Have you ever seen the movie Practical Magic. She does just that. Its honestly that easy.

She wrote what she wanted to in a man/companion and sent it out to the universe (i think she burned it or wrote a letter to herself. Cant remember) Your strong intent and desire is all you need. Really Angels and such are nice and do help but they aren’t required. Only you, your intent is required.

Not sure if you have seen the Sorcerers apprentice with Nicholas Cage. He relies on a ring for his powers. At the end he does not have his ring but still has powers. He does not need his ring. He is the only thing he needs. Same difference. Your intent (and if the universe agrees) is all you need. If the universe and all in it (angel demons guides) do not agree you having this. You wont regardless of who you ask.

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Very good, thank you. I see spirits as a way of augmenting the will. I of course realize my own power for change, and I suppose I could make a sigil, but I’m interested in doing this with spirits. Specifically a demon, and am interested in hearing from others about their ideas on procedure.

Frog’la’tash from the Book of Azazel.

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Just reminded me of a recent experience I had. I have this uncanny ability of accidentally manifesting things.

So just for the sake of context, I’m a woman who (mostly) loves women, but every now and then I’ll find men attractive. I’ve tried both, and come to the conclusion I prefer women.

I went through a phase though (before I set back on the path of magic) of watching a lot of straight porn.

2-3 weeks ago I met a guy, the son of an older “mother figure” type lady friend. He wouldn’t stop hitting on me from the moment we met, and I’ll admit, he was kinda cute.

We hooked up 3 times, he has a looot of baggage I won’t go into here, but to keep it simple – he sucked. He was good at kissing, nothing else. So I ended it with him, he was in a messy situation with his ex who he has kids with anyway.

It’s done and dusted, and we are good friends now. It was a good experience, and I’m not longer curious about the opposite sex. Pussy all the way! :+1: