Attract beautiful women

Can someone teach me something to attract beautiful women?

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Sitri can get you all women you want. Make sure you clearly mention the “beautiful” part. It’s very important !

Try this evocation from E.A Koetting :


I’m using google translate, I do not know how to speak English :broken_heart:

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That maybe a problem… but it’s a good reason to learn and I’m sure you’ll find a way :wink:
I will check the forum for a written version that you can translate and get back to you.

thank you my friend


Glad to help :slight_smile:

Here it is :

Good luck :metal:


I’m trying to learn to do this, but I think the best way to do this is to become someone worthy of getting their interest. And the best way is to be the best you you can be.

I’m assuming you’re a guy, so I’ll explain my thoughts and feelings as a guy.

Society treats sex in polarized opposites. It’s either sinful or the most important thing. Especially for us men, it’s treated as a sign of success. However we are not allowed to actively look for it or else we are called thirsty.

The phalus can grant great power, but it’s also a massive weakness. It sends a chemical to the brain, making us think irrationally. This is a weakness because it blocks autonomy of mind and body. It can make us view other men as competitors, make us vulnerable to being taken advantage of, and can make us feel self loathing.

We as men need to rebel against both society and nature by realizing there’s more rewarding things in life than sex, relationships, and women. We must strive for these things. We must grow and evolve, while helping out our fellow men as well.

Eventually we become people better able to attract women. However, until then, we must subsequently turn our back on women. This doesn’t mean we stop respecting them. It just means we don’t obsess over them and become so dependent on them to find value in our selves.

I’m afraid that’s the only way we, as men, may become consistently able to attract women. We can use glamor and illusions, but they’ll only be short lived and, though we may attract them, we still do not possess autonomy of our own being and still are vulnerable.

The trick is finding a way to do this.

Btw, this isn’t San antisex philosophy. It’s more about balance. Second we should still respect women. But we must respect ourselves first. If it came between a woman vs self respect, self respect comes first. If at any time respecting women doesn’t come in conflict with self respect, we must still respect them. And third, I’m a believer in equal responsibility so this same philosophy applies to women as well. That means women must respect men.


Be selfish

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powerful stuff

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Self-acceptance and self-knowledge. These eventually lead to being very comfortable with yourself, i.e. self-confidence. You can also practice imagining a symbolic scenario that implies you are already very successful with “beautiful women” ( :slight_smile: if there is such a thing :slight_smile: ).
You can try spirits associated with self-love and beauty like Ezrulie, Freya, Mother Mary etc. If you have a positive self-concept in this regard, forget trying to influence others, your experience will automatically rally to the self-concept.

Consider some of the many subliminal tracks available for free on YouTube and Soundcloud.

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That’s so true because if you’re indiscriminate, you’ll get anybody available. I don’t typically do it but when I do always mention “beautiful to me”. That way I can be open to the opportunities.

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Credit cards…


I respect all women, here in Brazil the culture is different, women are only interested if the guy is beautiful or has money, some who use drugs also get along well with some


No, you need to respect people in general. But you need to turn away from women and sex and evolve as person


Don’t help don’t hinder. That’s my philosophy of respect. However it’s growth that attracts women.

They are NOT divine, at least no more than men. Male or female, black or white, gay or straight, able or disabled, no one is innocent. We all have our biases and being some disenfranchised group doesn’t change that. I’m autistic and admit to having my own prejudices and faults.

Yes, my philosophy may be to you more about tolerance. But that to me is respect. What you described is worship of women which I don’t like. Hell, in my main writing projects, I actually talk about that pussy on a pedestal concept quite a bit. In fact, I LOVE making fun of women who are shallow, the ones who offer nothing beyond being hot and becoming some dude’s status trophy. No seriously, I love it. I’m a believer in the my own equal responsibility philosophy, so the stereotypical princess or damsel in distress gets the short end of the stick.

What I said attracts women is personal growth. To evolve passed the current self. I struggle with girls cause I still deal with my own insecurities. Respecting women to me means to let them go on their own path as you do on yours. Don’t get in their way, but also don’t help them or let them get in yours. Don’t save them from the consequences of their own actions but don’t attack them either. Don’t play white knight but don’t play creeper either. I described a goal of autonomy of body and mind and simply think respecting women means to treat them as if they are on the same or similar journey. If they aren’t they aren’t worth your time anyway.

Though I also said you should practice comraderie with your fellow men. Evolving the self. Creating community. And above all doing all of that for its own sake.

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And I don’t care for politics or correctness. I only care about my ideals and being a dominant brute or woman worshipping peon doesn’t fall into that. I wanna strive for something in between


are you willing to take responsibility for their welfare?

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Most likely not in my opinion. I think they’ll be the type to think you are the one serving them, with sex being something to hold over you.

My type of girl is one who doesn’t need me to protect her and respects my own independence , but still enjoys having me around, sexually and otherwise.


Let’s use an analogy. I’m an adventurer in a fantasy world. I want companions who play a function in my party and share the responsibility of party success. They’ll have to be able to fend for themselves as a basic requirement. Even a concubine would need to pick up arms. Along side that, I’ll work to prove I can live up to my own standards, or at least not have to rely on them.