ATTN ALL: Mercury retrograde is causing turmoil

There are two types of communication out there:

Efficient & Inefficient

Im seeing a bit more of an occurance of “when the fucks, who the fucks? And outright Fuck you!” Comments being fired off.

Highly inefficient communication. In my opinion.


That makes sense! Many people don’t have celestial safeguards in place. The first step in resistance is awareness! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t worry about it, just go on being you.

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Indeed. Do you have any advice for retrogrades and nulling their effects?

Was ( / is) it these days? Indeed I considered that, given a series of very little mishaps, that nonetheless is a sort of thing usually getting on my nerves.

Since last Friday. I think it is underway until around 6 Dec. But I may be off a bit, as my understanding of astrology is still developing.