Attitude of Gratitude

I would like to thank Bune, for her assistance in my life. Thanks to her I was able to obtain a laptop/pad for school, that runs windows 10 for only 117$. It works beautifully and I’m grateful, HAIL BUNE/BIME!!


Hail the beautiful Duchess Bune :slight_smile:


That’s awesome :slight_smile:

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Thank you. It’s really helpful because I go to work a lot and I always stay late hours. My school is at your own pace but with a deadline. It’s hard for me to really get anything done without actually working on it outside of class. There’s the option of my days off to stay after school but it becomes complicated because my mom works late hours too and it’s hard for her to come get me. There’s weekends but I’m off working 9 hour shifts so I can’t even get anything done at the front office of my apartment and if I did get the time, I’d be too tired. So the laptop is the perfect alternative.

Especially with math, the one subject I actually struggle with the most, being able to have a laptop that can actually run the math program is extremely helpful.