Attempting to attract a guide mentor ally

I have been determined for some time to attract this into my life. I am a student and I do need guidance and someone who has surpassed me in knowledge to guide me further. Whether it is a human a God or a spirit or any combination or all of them. I have spoken my desire as a mantra as I walk each night alone. I have put considerable time into this. I have been sure to ask and not demand.

Does anyone else find themselves seeking something similar?
If you have managed to accomplish this do you have any ideas I might implement?


Obtain a copy of the book New Avatar Power. There is a ritual in there to obtain a magical mentor, which is a spirit to guide and help you.

There are some magicians on this forum, such as C. Kendall, who have mentorship programs. I believe he has a link to his page in his profile if you’re interested I don’t know what he charges though.


I found a copy of it on Amazon. It will have to wait before I can buy it but It is just going to be added to many other things I need to obtain.

If they charge I am not currently in a position to offer payment of a monetary sort. Much to my chagrin, since becoming fully disabled money is not as available as it used to be. I am rectifying this but like anything, that takes time and planning. Thanks for the advice I will do my best :blush:

You’ve placed cat goddess in your profile name, Amber. Be well aware that coincidence is another name for connection. Look into the Egyptian cat goddesses and there you’ll find your mentor… nothing by chance when it comes to spirit world.


Understood, and my other name is Kauket. It has been that way for a very lengthy time.

Can i send you a PM?