Attaining power when you are wired differently

There was an interesting discussion in the Black Magic forum by Cogitation, where he said a spirit gave him this advice.

“Rise early, ritual in the morning, scholastic’ s, and then the gym and indulgences.”

“It is not appropriate for you to be rising when the world has been awake for a half-day, this nocturnal schedule is the result of Fear, conquer it, make the changes needed, and you will enjoy the power flowing through you.”

That sounds great for most people, but I am the few who are biologically wired to be nocturnal. I am a zombie until noon, and only feel alive in the evening. Would this advice alter a bit for such people. I seem to be wired completely different from the accepted norm.

I am an introvert, a night person, an observer instead of participator. I wonder if he was given this advice because he already had the potential. I don’t think I do. Waking early is depressing to me, though I do it for my daughter. I have a separate night life.

What do you all think? Would the advice be reversed if it was natural to be nocturnal. My whole dad’s side of the family was. I got the same DNA a them.

It would be most useful to get yourself a spirit mentor, they can answer this and personalise it to you - one thing I do know, I mean I’ve seen it over, and over, is that humans are NOT generic beings, we may superficially appear the same but we bring a mass of spiritual inheritances, attributes, and so on that can make us as different as chalk and cheese - so what Cogitation was told was maybe best for him, and maybe not for you.

I thrive on a weird schedule and my spirits support this, other people do better rising at 5am or whatever daily, living a nice organised lifestyle and bed at the same time daily. That would drive me insane (and I know this from times when I had to live like that), so there’s obviously no power in an early-rising lifestyle for me, and I’m not a special snowflake - or, more to the point, we kind of ALL are. :slight_smile:

That’s been my experience, anyway.

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not a special Juden Katze Snowflake? =)