Attain immortality with the qliphoth?

Apparently Asenath mason talk about some entities that can help you achieve this goal in her book qliphothic Meditations and i’ve read in another website that you becomme immortal at the end of it (the qliphoth path)? What kind of immortality? physical? Astral? Is this even possible in the Qliphoth? Like maybe she was just mentionning some other entities in another book not related to the qliphoth path?

“Thaumiel is the realm wherein the witch becomes androgynous and immortal”

Androgynous? Anybody got more info?

About Lilith (and her qlippah Gamaliel) she is the Black Moon, and one of the meanings of the Black Sun is the other aspect of Lilith.
In our reality the positive is + (-) and the negative - (+). The polarities are impure, there are a destructive creation and a creative destruction. The “lilithian theme” is the research of a static reality composed of Black Sun + (+) and Black Moon - (-).