Attacking someone who has a god with them?

So if someone were to have a huge powerful god by them and they did something where you think they are to be cursed or hex’d…

How would you go about this without there god kicking your ass for it

Is this where humongous will power just comes in to play or


“If you sell well, you don’t kill in the back” When a person is a Christian or even without being one, we all have guardian angels and Egguns that protect us, you have to take tobacco and register it well, and see what he asks of you, it depends on the Whatever God or deity is going to ask you for something, the idea is to negotiate saying “Hey, this happened to me with this person and this, how do we do it?”

mess with the person when the moon is dying, avoid getting into crescent or full because things are in full force, wait for the person to sleep to do what you want to do to him, since it is easier there.
be careful with what I say even if you negotiate and that god accepts an offering in exchange for letting you pass the witchcraft, it will be diminished a little so do not expect that with that you will make the person run over, commit suicide or shoot to death.

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So I could still do stuff just the options would be a little dulled out then what I could do if he. Didn’t have a Greek god as a patron

Friend, you misunderstand, what people call karma and etc. of things are the entities of one person jumping over another, besides, as you say, he is a God, they are strong and if he protects that person, his reaction is to go to where the person who did is the thing and start astrally spanking him.
If you do something wrong and that fails, you will take the jump yes or yes.

I would check if I am allowed to get back at the person with a tarot spread that involves doing baneful magick. If they are divinely protected and cannot be touched I would simply back off but there is always a glimmer of hope so verifying helps.


It doesn’t matter, this is the same whether it’s a god, “demons”, wards, angels, shields. What is a “god” anyway?

If YOU assign more power to the “god” and it weakens your will to get through, then your failure is on you. The battle of wills is not between you and the protecting entity, it’s between you and the will and ability of the target to use the entities protection.


Just because they may walk beside them (or anyone else), doesn’t mean they won’t let them get their ass kicked. I, personally, don’t care if someone has a super heavy relationship with an entity. It may be one-sided. They may be misinterpreting the relationship bonds, or need to be taught a lesson the entity wants them to learn at some point.

Saying this from experience, from both sides of that line. For example, I have a relationship with Hecate, who brought me to evocation. Someone could call on her to smack me upside the head and she’d do it if she agreed.

Another example is that I’ve done work with Tiamat and she warned me that she would be called upon by someone to come after me. That’s fine. It’s part of the game. Things got really…chaotic in the normally neutral household when this happened.


Here,get a tarot reading,and if it have proctecion take off,and go for,some witches forget to update proctecion, the more help spirts you get the better,and quick you spell will work

When in doubt about your abilities, don’t do it. Work on your own qualities first and become self confident enough not to even ask these type of questions related to other people’s defences. As long as you feel you need to ask others a question like this, then it’s equal to a tarot card giving you the tower and the 5 of swords

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