Attaching a ritual or message to an image - fetish?

Hopefully someone will be able to offer some inspiration on how I can achieve this.

What I want to do is to have a nice normal image of me looking normalish in human form but attaching an extremely powerful and magnetic love message to it directed at one individual, so that when he sees it, it blows his socks off.

I know that this could be achieved as a fetish type thing but I’ve never tried that so don’t have a clue where to start with that. I also know that the lady of glowing steel did something of a reverse fetish with some origami cranes but never revealed exactly her methods.

Has anybody been able to achieve this kind of thing and can you tell me what you did please? Were any Goetic spirits involved in the working or do you think I should go talk to my entity du jour - the great Duke D?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Glamour spells? Some goets do that, some angels from the Shem do as well.
Some independent deities do as well.
Try exploiting all his senses. Know what smells he likes on him and her?
Some new shorts or yoga pants that accentuate the rear, etc … But above all, perhaps compatible minds?

Like a pepe meme? Talk to, my father, Kek.


You could try taking the original picture or message making a phsyical printout out hand written linking to the target then evoking venus and water into it so the target becomes drawn to you in increasing intervals as they lay eyes on it. Then you can just send a digital copy of the image or statement so it triggers the spell when they see it.

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Thanks for the input I need to think the best course of action.

I’m just reading through my notes and I’ve come across some advice from the great Duke!

Thank you again everyone.