Does anyone else watch eerie youtube videos of shit like the DeFeo murders abd the French Catacombs and whatnot alone in the dark to get into the mood for ritual?

I usually listen to music.

Gonna let my geek flag fly again.

I like Pein or Madara’s theme from Naruto. Both of these characters were though of as Godlike and their music sets a good mood.

I think scary videos may set a great mood for Baneful workings. I will have to try it out.

For some reason when I spook myself watching that kind of stuff it stimulates a focus and intense allure by mystery which is perfect for ritual. The problem is silence and isolation.

One time I let an episode of Deathnote play when I was doing a ritual that was kind of in alignment with some of the stuff Light did.

I like music, and I have a few CDs of nature sounds, drumming, and so on, and recently I listed to D K’s “Black Flame Meditation” from this very forum - just the sound, as I was doing some work with my inner daemon, and that was excellent, kind of had the same effect sleep deprivation can (but that’s too hit and miss) of making me feel just a tiny bit outside the normal world, and viewing it a bit more like a daydream… anyway definitely going to listen to that again next time!