(ATLANTIS) Re: Time Travel, Aliens, And That Damned Reflection

Yeah, that’s all the religious books ever, and all the parables, etc… love you mate, but can you see how you’ve TRANSFERRED?

(TIA for my handfbag, btw - I am waiting! :P)

I feel like this has devolved from talking about Atlantis into personal attacks on others. It’s fine to disagree, and I really feel like I shouldn’t have to say this to a mod, but maybe words like “mental” aren’t the best way to get your point across?

I use words like “mental” as someone who’s had emergency psychiatric care a few times in the past, and I’ve posted about that - if you have as well, maybe you’ll get the reclaiming attitude of that? If not, maybe that’s going to look weird.

I go back a way with Velotak, and I think he knows I mostly have his back (unless he tries to kill my friends, again! :P) so that’s probably something that needed some context. Fair points, Bbylon, I shall keep my comments to him offlist via PM. :slight_smile:

If…all these paranormal programs I’ve watched are to be believed it seems that spirits think the physical is THE PLACE to be and spend an awful lot of energy trying to get into or return to it and actually seem to have a certain amount of envy towards the living, physical human. OTOH, the living obsessed with the spiritual world whether it’s occultists, new agers, life suppressing Christians living mediocre lives thinking they’re going to go off to some euphoric lala land after they die, etc, all seem to have a tendency to romanticize the spirit realm and assume it’s better or more liberating. I’m not so sure. The grass is always greener on the other side. The whole point of the LHP and magick for me, at least, is about right here right now achieving and enjoying the material world and maximizing my life experience through fulfilling my desires through my own self-created designs rather than turning an empowering practice into an escapist hobby from a drab existence through essentially useless and time wasting fantasies about a spirit world or some mythical fantasy world that likely never even existed. What’s the point when there is plenty to enjoy in the physical as long as one has a healthy body?

The physical world is absolutely wonderful. Having a healthy human body to experience it with is a gift. I love this world and feel blessed to have been born in it. Look at the Soca River in Slovenia, Gates of the Arctic National Park, the fjords of Norway, Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (where I almost actually drowned once) etc etc, even man made places and spectacles like Santorini, Greece, some of the wild and bizarre temples of India, the Marrakesh Night Market, ad infinitum.

Balance balance balance between the material and the spiritual. Too much of the latter and you waste your all too short, wonderful physical life in some spiritual lala land missing the whole point of life. I read something once about people on their deathbeds and a surprising amount of them confessed they wished they would have danced and fucked more when they were younger and healthier.

So I guess the question is, while you’re doing all of the things you do in life that you do, are you dancing and fucking enough while you have this physical body? :slight_smile:

“The Left Hand Path instructs one to live and do their best in this world now, balancing the spiritual with the material, rather than ignoring either one for the other.” Michael Ford (Liber HVHI)

Thought-provoking stuff.

If I’d died half an hour ago, it wouldn’t be the evocations I never did, the “work harder, be less attached” bullshit advice I never took, nor the hours in meditation that got sidelined, that I’d regret - it would be the places I never went and, to be brutally honest, the few hot men I never fucked, that I wanted to and could have arranged to have had when I was younger and single, it would be the times of not taking my dog for that long walk he loves because I was too busy, and probably, any kind of dieting, ever.

So - walk dog, eat bacon, fuck hotties, and travel!

(And be as fucking mental as you want to be.)

Oh hey, I guess the Viking genes will out! :smiley:

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I don’t see a problem with it?

If you’re referring to our little back-and-forth, I don’t regard that as a “personal attack”. We come from two different worlds in terms of perspective, naturally we’re bound to clash a bit in terms of philosophy and methods.

Past lives of Atlantis May or May not be real, as well as Useful or Not useful. Atlantis is symbolic and a Concept. There is a fine line between Imagination and the Practical Physical World. Using Fantasy or Imaginary things can make or break you.

As far as Magick is concerned, the whole idea of Atlantis as a symbolic concept works in both Storytelling and Acting. Just like when you raise magick and spirits you are creating a Timeline and creating a position where you will have to “Act” or rather “Assume a Role” in order to Validate it.

So for example if one said “I was a High Priest in Atlantis” this would get the person to assume the Role of a High Priest which would validate their role to empower their magick. Some of the magick is in Self-Hypnosis. Now as far as Atlantis being a Concept, there are certain Rules one must abide by if one is to be Successful in the Rise and Fall of all Civilizations, groups, Heirarchies, etc. What those rules are varies.

You can take this concept as a sort of Allegory… so when you say you were a High Priest in Atlantis and apply it to magick, you have to question how this magick works…i.e. “In todays changing Society how would an Atlantean Priest react?” Well an Atlantean Priest would somehow react to the changes in Society… there are certain spiritual/magickal as well as mundane political rules one must follow.

Taking from this concept you can also apply Magick and Time Travel… to see how the Past came about and see how you wish to approach the Future.

Soo…I personally DO NOT like this… as there is nothing better than Home Grown Meat… maybe someone should fight these powers =)



not to sound like a crazy person but during a reiki session (I was receiving it) I got a vision of my past life and yes I was in Atlantis and yes I was a member of the high family. I was 8 or 9 years old when I died. I remember running down the street and the woman who was sending me the reiki was my sister in that past life. The day I saw in my vision, was the day that Atlantis got attacked and that was because someone betrayled the nation (I use nation for the lack of a better word) I also saw that broken crystals were coming down and I saw how I died (I drowned). The only thing I remembered before the attack was that everyone was happy and safe and I was feeling blissful. In this lifetime I am an orphan and I dont have the greatest life but when it comes to witchcraft I have visions of the future and sometimes they are crypted and from time to time I can speak with ghosts


I think a lot of people may be carrying various traumas dating back to the last great civilisation to arise among homo sapiens, and some even further back. :thinking:

So I wouldn’t write your vision off at all, and doing energy work seems to unlock things which were ratcheted down tightly under the anti-magick system which has prevailed throughout a lot of human history.

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I havent received any reiki since then (that was 3 years ago) maybe I will try it again haha

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Cause society on earth is constructed and ruled by and psychopaths who all just do dark alchemy on the masses cause they believe themselves to be intellectually and overall above the judgement of anything