Athame and Incense question

I want to use incense when dedicating and consecration an athame. I have frankincense or dragons blood white sage. Would either of these be appropriate? I intend to do baneful magick with this so that’s why I’m asking…

Dragon’s blood is martial and can be used in war/aggression. Perfect for your intent.

Ok good. I just figured because it said ‘white sage’ at the end of the title that the item may not fit the occasion.

I thought those were two different things. Ha. I don’t know then. Frankincense is all purpose, baneful or beneficial.

How will you be utilizing this athame? Is it a one time thing, or will you be re using it?

I will be using it throughout my lifetime doing baneful magick. Yeah I have ‘dragons blood white sage,’ frankincense, and myrrh. The myrrh I only use while casting love spells so I wouldn’t think that it would be appropriate for the athame.