At a turning point

I have decided to stop going to college and pursue music as my career. I haven’t done this lightly and I know this is the much harder path. I’m going to put forth effort to make my dream of becoming a famous musician a reality. Does anyone have any occult or otherwise type of advice for me? Thank you in advance for your time :heart::heart:


I think Hagith can help with music.


All right. Anything I should know about him


Make sure that you have a clear picture of your fulfilment and with time set aside, consciously reprogramme yourself to fulfilment. Create your own successful musician chant and using 100% natural beads threaded with 100% natural fibre (i.e., silk, cotton, hemp) chant your success. Chanting also alters the Morphic Field. These techniques are of vitally importance. I’ve experienced when Magick can’t work because of unconsciously personal, deep rooted, hard ingrained from childhood, nasty, defeatist shit. You can do all the so called Magick you like, but your very own Psychic Sensor is there to ensure that it all comes to zip. Consciously reprogramme yourself.

“Oh Self that I seek to become, open Your mysteries to me. Rejoice in steps to overcome that which hinders me, bless my serenity in accepting that which I must suffer to change me and energise my magical curiosity that I may know the difference. Let my view extend beyond time and space! Hail, my Self-to-Be!”

The Lesser Headless Ritual will fuck you up, so you may as well learn that by heart and start doing it, at least once daily. I found mornings best. If you start to heavily perspire that’s a sure sign. Keep handwritten notes in your Magickal Journal. You’ll need to. Trust me. You’ll need to.


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Here are some things just for food for thought.

  1. The popular filker, Acapella science, pursued this while getting his master’s. His music is amazing, if you’re scientific. Which I kind of am, so there goes that. I’ll post the song that made me notice him at the end of this.

  2. Someone I know whose in a filk hall of fame has her masters in literature.

  3. I have my bachelor’s in anthropology. I have decided to finally pursue music after doing my duty as a single mom and being kicked to the curb. No kids, no school, it was time to folk rock!

  4. I have a favorite song by a young woman who wrote about the australophithesenese (spelling questionable) that she did while going to school. She uses her music to study her college.

Etc. Etc.

The things I’ve listed have in common is our college experience and knowledge enhances our music. You wanna be real good at creation, you have to make sure you don’t hem yourself into a box. And never stop learning. Sure you could concentrate on just the occult, but it’s IMHO that magic is enhanced by greater knowledge.

Now. I’m not telling you to stay in college. I’m saying there is a balance to reach - always have a plan B in just about everything - and so what you must for your art. If it means quitting, that’s cool. If you’re quitting because you simply don’t want to go anymore, that’s also cool. If you think it’s in the way but would like to complete something, then consider part-time or something like that. It took me years and years to get my 4 year degree. No shame in that as far as I’m concerned, and others I’ve met as well.

Oh. And because I like this one:

Netzach and Venus entities can inspire artistic creations,
and many works of literature and music