Astrology Charts and Spirits

I’ve been using the method from the book ‘Goetic Words of Power’

It has spirits at these locations:
Angels: Trine/Sextile
Demons: Square/Opposite
Names of God: Conjunction

I have no idea how accurate the method in this book is. Do any astrology experts here have different methods of figuring out which entities are in which charts?


After a very brief look, the author states this method was given to him by the angel Ariel. Take that as you will, with a grain of salt if you so want. On one hand I admire people who are given information through spirits, but in contemporary arts and modern times I tend to have healthy skepticism.

I think it’s interesting but would need to look more in depth and read it more thoroughly to garner a better opinion. If you’re looking for a guardian/patron entity, there’s tons of different methods out there, and it depends on your personal preference. S Connolly has a few alternatives for finding demonic patrons based more on personal traits which may suit the practitioner better. It seems the book, however, is more implying influence than guardian/patronism. Like having a demon or angel in your charts just like planets and asteroids, which is a very unique and interesting way to go about it, but then I have to wonder if demons or spirits therefore bother to align with such things (depends on belief! you and i had a similar discussion about whether entities bother to follow our earthly perception and passage of time and i strongly believe they, at least, are courteous to let us believe it, so why not! its a possibility that they would, then, influence directly or indirectly by simply existing our charts just as celestial bodies — one could have an entire discussion as to whether they would be considered celestial bodies literally or figuratively also. lot’s of potential there. ahem, anyway…)

Beyond that, it looks like the author lists the astrological aspects himself, but it makes me wonder the sources for these planetary associations are (very likely just Ariel, which of course not Invalid but I’d still be skeptical until I actually map out a full chart) especially since they seem different from other demonic/goetic correspondences (Paimon for example is typically associated with the Sun, but the author associates him with Saturn square and Neptune opposition).

In general though, I (and I would recommend you as well) would have to read a chart in order to actually figure the accuracy regarding the houses, aspects, and level of influence.
Now that I have the book since reading this, I would love to take the time to do my own chart and look more into it. After I’m less swamped by life, however.

All in all I think it’s promising and interesting.

I’ve been wanting to figure out a method myself in general; i haven’t yet but I was thinking about simply relying on the day and hour I was born in tandem with the zodiac degrees of each planet, but that’s very tedious. Then again, astrology is very tedious.
In example, being born at a strange date, there are no demons, it seems, that correlate to my specific day of birth. However, I was born with the Sun in 29* of Capricorn, which gives me Cimejes, Forneus, and Vapula (to briefly check). Cimejes I have, in fact, worked with on a deep level and has Absolutely influenced who I am today to a very ironic and personal degree. The Ars Paulina also has zodiac degrees for angelic spirits. Vapula and Cimejes I had also gotten from the more personal S Connolly method. The degrees method alone, however, isn’t perfect, either (Cimejes’ planet is Venus, not the Sun, for instance; would an influential power have to be exactly that planet/zodiac in its proper degree? no. But perhaps the more they align, the greater the influence?)

There’s a lot to look over it seems, if I find better/more information I would love to return here and let you know, or just @ you in my journal.


I appreciate your insight!

I’m not looking for patrons. I want to be able to pull astrology charts daily and see what entities are in them rather than a birth chart.


Kick me if you wanna

But Gamigin was in over your birthday

Which is why I think it’s likely fairly sound and also that the golden dawn were right and Crowley was wrong on that date

Along with some of the energies making complete sense with my moods


Yeah now that sounds real cool!

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In traditional medieval astrology there is a concept of guardian daimon, or guardian angel, named almuten figuris, it is a planet that is determined by some calculations that are pretty complicated, but there are programs that figure it out from chart. Planet of almuten figuris shows nature of guardian angel, so it can have Solar nature, Mercurial nature etc. Its agenda is to show and guide person about its life purpose. It was considered one of the most important factors in personal chart, maybe even the strongest one.

There are also a few metods to figure out a name of your almuten figuris, so it can be used for example, evocation of it. There is possibility that this name is in truth name of your HGA. I plan to make step by step metod to figure almuten figuris name and post it on forum on future.


I look forward to seeing that post.

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Whoah man you are blowing my mind. DEFINITELY want to see more about this in the future!!

I salute you!



If anyone is interested

Here’s what I got for today

ESHAL (Gods)



I have checked that they match currently at the time of posting with across the pond with the US but I haven’t checked any other countries to see if they remain the same

However out of the Goetic Holy Days neither Crowley:


or Golden Dawns:

Gamigin (Day)
Raum (Night)

Picks feature today…


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Philippines/US/UK with ones I’ve checked for is all the same today

Just not sure yet if it always is the case!


well technically Philippines and USA cant be the same. Philippines is at the beginning of the day. Los Angeles is at the end of the day

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