Astrology and magic?

Hey guys!!! I was wondering if any of you were into astrology and know about what placements/aspects could indicate being involved in the occult? I was looking up things about my chart and theres a placement I have that says something along the lines of ‘everyone will think I have a mental disorder but I do speak of the truth’ and stuff how I did magic in my past life but this life I’m meant to do it as well. Just wanted to hear peoples thoughts and opinions! I’m sure there are many aspects that could indicate one being in the occult but I’m just curious :slight_smile:


Astrological placement I don’t think has anything to do with being in the occult since following the occult is majority a conscious choice. However, it can show atleast in its own way someone who would find occult a nice path for them.

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Yeah thats what I meant :slight_smile: For example, my friend was reading about her chart and it advised her to not dabble into magic because it could back fire very easily for her and she had a capricorn moon and cap=saturn, satun=daddy Karma (if you believe in karma lol) but in my chart theres placements that encourage me & say that i will find interest in it!

there are astrological configurations that makes a person more close to magic and the occult than others
also some retrograde planets with specific configurations can indicate past lives works on magic etc
there are also zodiac signs which have to deal with magic on a specific way so they can keep working on their mission

also I’m not sure about your friend a moon in capri and a saturn in capri is not enough to asume her work will backfire
and you are getting the ideas the wrong way maybe, because karma is not the same as back fire
for example I have a Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on the same degree on the 8th house on libra this means complete automatic karma
in a way everything I do it automatically comes back to me (extremely quick)
and even with this configuration and condition I do not get back fires
in a way you just have to know how to balance the energies
mostly you have to work in order to help people rather than curse them and you will help yourself


Eighth house placements and water signs, specifically Scorpio, do tend to make a person more inclined to learn the occult. Since natal charts can trace illnesses, disorders and even family upbringing, they can warn some people against magic. I think it usually has something to do with Neptune. People who are borderline or have the capacity to become mentally unstable may be bad with magic, because delusions can get ahead of them. When they experience real psychic input it could be triggering and they could then be confused by their own mind giving delusional input. This isn’t like the natal chart is magically forbidding you, just informing that you may have mental health problems that can be exacerbated by magic. So know yourself and take the proper steps to protect and peacefully empower yourself.

@Teodoro_Fortunato That’s really interesting, what would I have to look at in my natal chart to understand how karma works for me?

Saturn’s house and sign, also aspects to Saturn from slower planets, or conjuctions to any planet
also some aspects to faster planets can indicate something else.

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I have jupiter in scorpio in my 9th house, this has strongly been responsible for my draw into the occult and my ability to dig for information and uncover truth. Its also provided me with a strong spiritual bull shit detector so false gurus stand out like an erupting volcano to me. I also have saturn in the same house.

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Am only a student of astrology, but I’d have to agree with the other poster who said having eighth house placements and water signs (especially if these are dominant in your chart) may be more inclined towards the occult. However, in my experience I have zero water placements in my chart yet here I am lol, so here are some (UPG!) indicators I’ve noticed:

  • Lilith-dominance in chart - I have my Lilith conjunct my angles and personal planets in tight orbs. Always felt drawn to the darker stuff, even morbid, from general aesthetic to book genres. It was no surprise I felt pulled to reading, reading and researching anything occult-related when I was younger. Also, in some cases the Lilith-dominance allows you to resonate with/attract spirits/energies that are considered “darker”. How you handle it entirely does not depend on Lilith aspects or astrology alone of course.

  • Moon in 1st house, 8th house, 12th house - I have my Moon in the 1st house and it allows me to be more sensitive to spirits/energies than usual when I began working on my senses. Downside would be being overwhelmed by spirits/others’ energies if not careful or self-aware. I also have a friend who has her Moon in the 12th house and she had paranormal and occult-related experiences in her life growing up when she did not even dabble in it. Her third eye was so active she was forced to shut it down and shun her psychic abilities. While she felt called to the occult, she said she did not want to delve deeper into it. Her intuition and receptiveness to energy is still on-point though. Now, this might be influenced by her Scorpio sun + Pluto-dominance, which brings me to my next point:

  • Specific Pluto house placements, tight Pluto aspects, Pluto-dominance - Ugh, I used to envy Pluto-dominants in all honesty. Somehow being drawn to the occult or having psychic abilities fitting for magick just comes naturally to them lol. I once had a classmate who was Pluto-dominant and while he’s a Christian now and renounced his occult practices, the dude’s clair senses are so on-point. From being able to devour occult books and keep them all in mind with only a few reads to effortlessly manifesting successful results, sighs. Older sister’s also a Pluto-dominant and while not a practitioner at all, she is generally drawn to studying and learning about dark and occult stuff. Likes gifting me with tarot decks too and other “weird stuff she knows I like”. And of course, sharp perception and intuition as well.

  • Pluto in the 3rd house - Similar to the Lilith-dominant aspects IME with being attracted to darker stuff in general. My Pluto in the 3rd house won’t let me rest until I’ve discovered deep truths about spirituality, occult, etc. Also allows you to think and speak with strong, focused (at times even obsessive if gone astray) intent and power, which is very helpful in manifesting and/or casting spells. If not utilized properly, I’ve experienced this placement causing fuck-ups and misfortune for others in the past because I thought so ill of them and just wouldn’t let all the pain and anger go.

  • Mercury in the 8th house or 12th house - I would often say that the only thing legitimately psychic about me is my Mercury being in the 12th. Even when I was still not aware of it, whenever I’d write or speak I felt like I was dozing off and suddenly, I’ve written or said something so long yet on-point or something I don’t even have any business knowing. I think this placement attracts you to divination, automatic writing/channeling. Some sites even say mediumship.

  • Tight Mercury - Uranus aspects, Mercury- Uranus dominance - Could be likened to how Encore19 here mentioned Neptune aspects: could either go very wrong or right depends on how you handle it. Gone wrong, one could be prone to delusions but more of a bizarre mishmash fashion and pie-in-the-sky nonsense. Think The Fool card in a negative light. Done right though, I’ve noticed this enables a person to get insights from source, the universe, spirits, whatever you believe in more than usual and communicate back in kind. Helpful in divination too and allows one to think outside of the box, be drawn to paths and methodologies different from the norm and all that.

Magickal abilities, though, are not and cannot be confined to a list of astrological aspects. While admittedly fun to study, I still think being a successful practitioner lies in one’s patience, dedication, effort and willingness to continue learning, changing and growing.

ETA: Also check name asteroids if you want.


if your into chinese astrology. studying the occult is same category as astrology. It is in the earth elements industry. if you have fire or earth being in your chart , It means it can be compatible to you. Some aren’t meant to learn it as their astrology chart says it’s not good for them.

If u have a dragon and dog in your natal chart. it means you have 6th sense.

When it comes to learning, it has to do with a person’s intelligence to remember and recall. The chart shows if a person is smart or not too.

Having stellium in the 8h & 12h…major neptune & pluto aspects…usually water & fire signs