Astrological Question, Pluto in Conjunction with fixed stars interpretation

Hello, my question is how fixed stars in astrological conjunction with Pluto can be interpreted in general. I have no idea about it and find nothing.

Thank you in advance

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The fixed Stars have a benevolent or malignant nature. Are said to have a Jupiter, Saturn, Mars or Venus nature. Consider it as a Conjunction. Pluto is of interest if it is dignified. Oft his influence is too weak cause is a generation planet

what star do you have?

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I have about 20 fixed stars with Pluto in Conjunction. Unukalhai for example and Agena.
I don’t know all by name because I have to look again into my Astrology Program. I’m currently not able to reach my Laptop with AstroPlus, the program. I am in an other city at the moment.

What do you interprete for these fixed stars?

In which house is Pluto in?
Tell me the exact degree of Pluto’s position.

You cant have 20 of them, I think 2 is maximum.
You cant have Agena and Unuk at the same time, they’re too distant from each other.

Agena is nice but Unuk is bad really, I dont want to negative program you really.

my pluto is in 22 degrees scorpio and it is in full conjunction with its fixed star unukalhai and they fall into my fourth house in my natal chart. What do these really mean? I want to know what the unukalhai pluto conjunction, albeit negative, means. thanks

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When a planet is in a particular star, I will play out the mythological story of that star in your life although it’s not gonna be identical but the symbolism will be present. Pluto in the 4th shows powerful disturbance of emotions, feelings. There is fluctuation. In the 4th it’s considered bad for the relationship with the mother. The mother could be powerful or known in society or she could be abusing you or deceitful, the severity of this can be assessed by checking the overall chart.

Again Pluto is a generational planet and it’s effects are more cyclical then day to day life.

For confirmation, you need to check the position of Mars, the north and south node of the moon and also the position of the 4th house ruler to check what events could happen more frequently regarding your 4th house matters