Astrological chart with no birth hour?

How important is the hour you were born in astrology.
I thought I might get a reading to sort of see what the stars say about my strengths and weaknesses.

I mostly thought about this because someone said I should do some shadow work, I heard that planetary influences can be important in personality too. I guess I am trying to figure out what is going on with me and how I can kind of balance things out. I may even be hoping that if it is subconscious stuff I can blame my parents and if it isn’t I can blame the Universe. If it turns out neither of those forces are responsible than I will start practicing denial. Sorry,just kidding.

Will astrology help me get a baseline on what my personality might be, I am then hoping to deal with whatever self damage I may have done. Perhaps I can learn to minimize some of my more maladaptive thoughts/behaviours. I kind of even thought I may try some sort of Jungian psychologist too.

I saw this EA video where he gave a lecture to the Rosicrucians (maybe they called themselves Golden Dawn) and he sort of described my circumstances as the kind of background that draws people to the LHP.

Anyway, will this stuff be useful or am I just wasting time?

So for a baseline your gonna wanna get your time of birth if you can from a copy of your birth certificate. If you can’t get that you can get what’s called a astrological chart rectification where a trained astrologer can work backwards to narrow things down as much as possible.

I cannot speak much on western astrology but with vedic astrology you want to be as accurate as possible because a depending on how indepth into a specific reading you go a difference of a few minutes can change alot of aspects of the chart.

Just the ascendant which is the start point changes every 15 minutes or so. The the moon changes every 2 days whole the sun sign changes between 21-30 days or so depending on the sign involved.

And those are just the 3 of the focuses for a basic start.


Its of most importance but if it is not known than the work is based on:
-planets in elements,
-planetary aspects,
-special aspects: parallel, great trigone or cross,
-positions of fix Stars,
-midpoints meanining Sun-Moon, Venus-Mars,
-ruler of the birthsign

OK, here is the problem.
I have a copy of my birth certificate from the state department of “something or other” and it does not give the time. I think in 1967 they did not have to put the time on the certificates or something.

Everybody in my family who would have been old enough to remember when I was born, like if it was morning or night or afternoon, is dead.

So it sounds like I would need a rectification to pursue this futher. Or is there another path I can use to find out my birth time.

I did not know what rectification was so I did a Google query. I found an article that said that sometime certified copies (what I have) do not contain all the information. The article suggested that I contact my state for more information,
I live in Oregon but if you go back a page there is a list for all the pages.

Anyway, I will get to the question, would ordering a different copy give me my time of birth. Or was my original assumption about not recording birth times in 1967 correct?


Depends on what system you use. chinese astrology can work without the hr to get the gist of the chart. hr is mainly for later in life during retirement yrs and career and relationship with your kids. NOt all know it so it’s not very important. Good to know but not necessary.

You can also use a pendulum to find your hr of birth.

Thanks for answering, you answered so fast I was actually editing my question.

I have a certified copy of my birth certificate. Would ordering something else be helpful or did they really not include times on birth certificates in 1967. I am old enough that time might matter to me.

i don’t know my birth hour. I used pendulum to check it and also muscle testing and self hypnosis ideomotor signal. Had to verify using many methods to be sure.
Any birth cert before 1980 might not have time. depending on hospital or lazy workers. It wasn’t required. Even worse if it’s in foreign country.

It depends how much value you attach to it of course, but I like that I know what the Ascendant degree was at the time of my birth. And in which house the sun and moon were.
But it isn’t a matter of life and death :grin:

It;s like when in writing a spell or ritual: all factors (like moon phase, planetary hour, day, ascendant degree) can be important, but if some are contradicting the goal then omit them.

I have only played around with astrological reading on Android Apps and things like that. I would assume that this is more like playing a game than actually trying to figure out how planetary influences are effecting me.
So I don’t want to bash astrology as not working, because my reading did not seem to match me at all, without having given it a real try with someone who knows what they are doing.

So I wrote to the state or Oregon and asked if I ordering a copy of my birth records would provide a time because a post I read said that “certified birth certificates” do not contain all the information the state has recorded about my birth. So it is possible some document out there does have the time of my birth recorded on it. I thought I would see if they would know and if it is worth the time and money to order it.

Meanwhile, I have also seen numerology readings and those did seem to fit me. So I tend to have more confidence in them (even though I have not given astrology a real chance, as yet).

Would a numerology reading help me figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are? How helpful would it be in terms of getting a psychological profile?

Maybe I could start with numerology, while I wait for the state offices to re-open to find out about my birth hour.

What sort of things will Numerology reveal, is it just broad strokes or will it help me.
here is how I got that idea, I watched a Numerology course that was on Black Witch Coven. As I followed along, it seemed that numerology actually matched up to me. Whereas the astrology did not. But again, that is most likely because an app on a phone cannot do what a real human can.

Let me know if you think Numerology can get me a good baseline. And if you think it is smarter to just pay and take this persons course or is it wiser to get a pro to do the reading?

Also, thanks for all your time. This is kind of a long post.

general astrology app don’t work as it’s not tailored to you. You need professional consult. Or learn it yourself which many don’t want to.

What is it your want from these system?

numerology is base on numbers which is too general that can fit anyone. Use commonsense. 1-9 and each number represent something. It’s too general. How many possible differentiation from the billions of people on earth? There can’t be just 9 types in the whole world that fit into that many people. And it’s base off one number that is general which can fit into most people. Not enough variable to make it accurate and unique to individual. That’s my opinion using common sense logic. Let’s say i’m a 7 and your a 7. how could it be both of us unless its general that can fit anyone. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I thought those apps may not be a good representation of what atrology can do.

Is that all there is to numerology, I thought there was more.

How much should an astrological reading cost. It can’t be cheap, this sounds like a hell of a lot of work. and that is after I find out my birthdate (if I can). If they had to do a rectification, whew, that is likely more than I can afford.

Anyway, what is a good ballpark figure for an astrological chart from a solid astrologer. I don’t need the best, astrologer to to famous people, but I need someone who knows what they are doing.

first u have to figure out why you want a reading? it might not be what you think astrology is.

You reckon you have problems? All my planets are either retrograde or retarded and I was born on a cusp. I ended up a romantic, sentimental, mommy’s boy Cancer star sign. How fucked is that?


Hour is important as the houses are calculated by the time of your birth
the social planets (jupiter and saturn) and the trans-personal planets (uranus neptune and pluto) gain more importance by house than by sign in a way, as they are generational planets

the thing is there are ways to rectify your chart, if you have a slight idea of the time you were born it can be corrected to the exact time by doing solar arc progressions and such

but you need to have a smaller range of time than the whole day
cause rectifying a chart in a 24 hours range its just too much work and too many possibilities of mistake

you can rectify your chart by noticing conflictive years for example the nature of the conflict will point out to mars or uranus most probably, then you resume the year of the conflict from progressions to degrees on the chart so you can get the right time

I have never rectified a chart but I can try if you wish
you have to be patient though cause I am answering a lot of old requests I could not answer before

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It looks like a rectification can cost anywhere from 175 dollars to nearly 600 bucks.
I am thinking dowsing would not cost that much.
How would I go about finding someone that knew how to do this?

Don’t bother getting to know or anyone else properly or even remotely at all if no birth hour is included.

When I did them for friends who didn’t have theirs, it was a general profile. It is very, very vague.

so no birth hour equals bad result.
Can dowsing get me a birth hour, or is it not quite that precise.

I know what water witching is to find underground water, but other than that I don’t know anything about this topic.

Look if you know the General hour-ish of around your born you are most likely going to receive the same Ascendent. Apart from that, degrees and positioning will be irrelevant if it’s not exactly yours. You have to be precise.

I’m an astrologer.Want to know the funny thing? I don’t know my exact birth time. I cannot be fucked ordering another birth certificate online and want to leave it a mystery. Why not? :stuck_out_tongue: