Astral weirdness

I’m very new to astral travel. Actually I’m struggling with it-- but not giving up just yet!
I’ve been trying to relax and use the techniques I found on this forum but haven’t found much success. I usually end up falling asleep.
A few nights ago I felt like I was somewhere else. I turned around (in my head) and a green alien looking creature cussed me out. I didn’t even do anything!

That weird looking creature and the fact that it yelled at me brought me back to consciousness and I woke up. Does that happen a lot on the astral plane? Was that even astral travel? I felt like I walked into something and I was definitely not welcome.

Any thoughts/experiences/techniques that may be helpful to a newbie?


Don’t do it lying down do it sitting on a chair or sofa.
Focus on a specific destination. On earth at first. Could be Victoria’s Secret or agent provocateur shoot? Or if there’s a sports game or the pyramids wherever.
If you just think random place out of body then that’s where random aliens :alien: will be pissed :triumph:.
Check out gateways in grimoires like kingdom of flame :fire:. Meet those entities learn from them. In thier kingdoms.

Go somewhere specific not just “somewhere”


Thanks. Will try that tonight. :+1:t2:

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I can add that most of us trying to astral project, they actually project themselves out but their astral bodies are literally lying on the pyhisical one so they think they failed.
This happens because we do not know where to go.

Just a question, what if I focus to go to someone?
Will it work the same?




A cussing alien could easily have been a fellow traveler, fwiw.