Astral weapon

This didn’t seem to fit any particular topic so here it goes.

Randomly I thought hey, I wonder if I could ‘conjure’ a weapon in my hand, to see if it could have an effect on someone. (Only remembered right now as I thought of this, that this is very Elder Scrolls). Anyway, I gave it a try randomly on someone I know and despite not being fully charged it did have a minor stabbing like sensation.

It’s probably not practical in the slightest, but can you imagine a fully loaded astral knife ‘invisible to the eye’ striking someone down?

Discuss my freaky darlings.


May i see your astral weapon?

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I find this curiously diabolical, and I love the idea.

Did you notice anything in the stabbed person? Altered behavior, signs of pain, etc?


Yeah you could. Astral weapons are most useful combating entities on the astral and you can get really bad ass ones from spirits. As for using them on humans, I doubt they would simply kill someone, but if you charge it with malicious intent it would work like a curse and could definitely make someone very ill.

You could also charge them with other intent, lets say lust or fear, and then shank a bitch with it. Then it would work like a mind control spell, albeit a very direct one.


This is a pretty old technique actually. I think even Gerald Gardner used some version of it. It’s usually practiced by putting energy into the weapon or tool you are using and giving it a little extra something. As you get better at it you can then easily create the weapon Astrally without the physical counterpart.

There was also an astral armory of sorts created by chaos magicians years ago. Using the same concept as egregores or servitors they created nonsentient astral constructs such as weapons and suits of armor with various properties that you could summon with a sigil and a chant.


My mind is already gone wild

I’m gonna make a weapon of love called ‘Heart Banger’

When you pound one side of the hammer, it will makes the person who’s spirit you knock madly in love with you, while the other side makes them hate you. I can add stuff like if it’s knocked twice that person will have a heart attack etc. This idea does sound very boring but I want it to be stronger than any spells and toying with feelings are fun.

I think I already have the blueprint of this hammer down, I just missing an important key that is conjuring in astral space :confused:

time to study i guess :<<<<<<<<


Sharp pain that lasted for a few minutes, but no physical appearance.

Very kool I did not know that, thanks for the history lesson. I’ll have to look into that.

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There’s a couple of people I’d like to slice and dice. Please share you methods of how you did this. Thanks.

:sob: No slicing and dicing :sob:

There is a chapter in EA’s book Baneful Magick on astral weapons, where he describes using the “Darts of the Adversary” on someone he worked with.

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Angelic tongues needed, to summon real angels

The astral counterpart of this is how some spirtual fetishes are created. Tools or weapons that are received on the spirtual planes and then the phsyical counterpart is created in some case to house the essence of a particular spirt ot force.

Black magick of ahriman has a few that are discussed in the book.

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And for those who like the visual

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Here’s a thought,

How would one truly develop this skill to make it damaging or protective, in the case of the armour

Energy manipulation would be the way to go if you are looking for physical results. Shielding and piercing the aura and energy centers.

Can you elaborate a bit please?

For example, how would I practice stabbing some one with an astral dagger with the intent of harm; without actually performing it on someone lol

That one i have no clue haven’t explored that. I have used emotional and elemental energy to cause observable behaviour changes in crowds of people back when i commuted on the bus. :thinking: seemed like a good way to observe the various manifestaions of the energies in different. Psychological and energetic makeups :grin:

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Well maybe I’ll put some thought into developing it a bit