Astral trips

I been trying to Astral project for about 2 years
And didn’t succeed cause of my anxiety and doubting nature
But anyway I still hope I’ll succeed one day
One thing that fascinate me a lot the idea of Astral traveling with someone
Could it be done like I just got out of my body and went to my mate s house and pulled him/her out of the body and we together have a Astral experience

Going to someone’s home isn’t astral projection it’s physical projection. However, pulling someone out doesn’t guarantee they will do anything or notice what’s going on, so it would be a waste of your energy. Astral projection or any projection is better left done with practice and not pulling one another out unless both parties have practice.

But astral projection is one of the easiest things to do but often times newbies expect vivid travels but the first time it will not be vivid and will be almost like you’re just looking behind your eyelids but as your clairs improve so does your sight in projection.


What if we both are skilled in Astral projection
Can we accomplish this thing


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Read the book The Phase by Michael Raduga.

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