Astral Traveling


Where are the craziest places you have been to while astral traveling and/or anyone you have encountered during so? Example: demon,angel, or another fellow magician etc. I’d like to hear your stories!


I am currently teaching a friend how to astral travel, and together we both possessed our friends who were a couple and made them break up, the only reason we did was because everyone but them saw that it was a toxic relationship and we didn’t want them to get hurt anymore.


2 Or 3 nights ago I astrally travelled without wanting to as I was laying down in bed, before asleeping. I was feeling my body moving even if I was laying in bed, I was seeing familiar places, saw people, saw some places which I’ve never seen very clear, I was hearing clearly what it was happening around me (voices of people and sounds in the environment), the last thing that I remember is that I talked to a man or talked to me in a place which I’ve never seen. That thing happened to me a looot of times while I was in the middle of LBRP, while I was trying to fall asleep (I’ve heard now a voice telling me "your not ashamed for what you did? " - idk to wtf is reffering, but yeah), while I was in the middle of evocations, etc. Also once I remember that I travelled through time and space in a blue tunnel and I saw our universe/solar system or idk exactly, it could have been another universe/solar system. But yeah, all of my high succesful astral travellings happened to me without wanting to induce them. When I really want to astral travel, I don’t have too much succes. A really easy way to astral travel would be to enter in someone’s dream at night while he/she is sleeping, I’ve done that and besides that you can make him/her your own toy :grin:


What is LBRP?


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.