Astral travel

Im wondering if anyone has any insight or advice on this. In my teenage years and early 20s I would spontaneously astral project as in feel myself leaving my body and be able to move about independently of it, back then this used to terrify and i never went too far, always desperately trying to get back to my body. So now im early 40s ive been on a spiritual path for a long time, aware of spirits, different energies and I also do spellwork. So now of course I want to astral travel, i know what im dealing with, i know how to stay safe but it doesnt come easy to me now, i really struggle with it. I can feel myself lift slightly out of my body but cant get the full way out. Im sure i travel when i sleep but i would like to be able to control it. Do any of you have any idea why i struggle with it so much now when it used to happen easily? Any advice would be great.

Maybe because of the mixture of the elements within you nowadays.

In what way? What type of elements?

It could be every type of your elements.
I cannot really explain this.
Bardon wrote about the elements
and Bardonists have oftenly hardwork to understand it.

The elements are connected to your character.

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As I say Im sure it happens while asleep, so its not a case of It doesnt happen,but I struggle with being in control of it. Do you mean elements as earth air fire water ether? Or something else. Is there any way you could expand or elaborate?

Children and some teens have it easier because the active unlimited imagination they have making them capable of stuff like that easy. However, growing up it kind of lessens and takes a bit more effort reworking that muscle so it becomes like second nature again.

Yeah thats true. Its so frustrating when i didnt want it to happen it did, now i do it doesnt. I’ll get there. Do you know of any entities in particular that would help with it?

Any entities you’ve worked with that you can evoke and trust? or even a servitor or thoughtform of your own creation.

Thats a good suggestion of a servitor, it would make sense to create on specifically for that purpose. Thanks!

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I mean the normal psychic elements:
Fire, Water, Air & Earth.

Yeah i thought that was what you meant. I still dont really understood in what way they would influence things…but thanks anyway.


The elements are connected to your character.
Each character detail is related to an element.

I know this. Again I do not understand how this relates to what is happening with astral travel, if you would like to elaborate on the connection between the two I would be interested to hear what you have to say on it.

You could read the first of Bardon’s books.
Maybe you get it then.
I’m no master of the elements.
Bardon writes about the balance of the elements.
If f.e. rage is related to Fire, did you change in this behavior over the years?

Mayvbe it differs from person to person with this balance personally to be able to travel astrally.

I will keep it in mind although the mix of my elements does not resonate with me as being a factor of what is going on. However, thankyou for your input.

I would say i have become stronger and more balanced. Ive bn a pretty broken person throughout my life but ive done alot of healing and im at a point where i never thought id be as in the darkness has gone. Im happy.

More than that, im at peace with myself and with life.


Have you had any success? I struggle with it too.

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