Astral travel

So I am trying to astral travel. Been practicing for a month now,so far its helped me with my meditation.

I want to get this right before I try evocation. So far I get to the point were my whole body starts to vibrate. Would theta beats help with astral travel?

Will astral travel help with evocation?

In my experience, yes it will - you’ll be better able to see, hear, and sense spirits since you’re travelling (so to speak) in their level of existence and not in the mundane world.

Learning astral travel through core shamanism boosted every ability I previously had, that were hard-won but a bit patchy.

It’s the same as moving to a foreign country in order to immerse yourself in their language and customs, as opposed to using an online language course - both will work, but the immersion is more intense.

You also really grasp that you’re not a human summoning spirits, but that you’re a spirit yourself, albeit with a human body.

Just remember that not everything you see in the astral is going to play out like that in the wider reality - you may get into epic battles or be given tremendous gifts, but think of it like Wile E. Coyote getting zapped every week, a lot of this stuff is symbolic (especially at first), so don’t let it drive you too crazy. :slight_smile:

try the rope technique, whereby you get to the vibrational state you talk about, then using your mind to lift your astral arms from your physical body, you then feel the action of pulling yourself up out of your body, the pulling action puts pressure on a specific part of your body to release it, consciously make the statement to yourself that you will remember the projection as a mind split effect occurs where you have a physical mind and an astral mind, due to it being used more often the physical mind takes precedence and you may think you haven’t projected, you will have you just don’t recall, repeated use makes it stronger. Hope this helps

I should mention the genius Robert Bruce on this the rope technique I learnt it from him

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I think I traveled last night. Briefly.

Doing my usual thing every night then I saw the brightest of lights, Stared at it for a moment then I was back in my physical body. It didn’t frighten me at all,didn’t feel any hostile intent.

Wanted to say something to it but was to late.

I traveled again today. There was an entity called me by my name. Female in form. Long dark hair,green eyes. I am still getting the hang of this.

I try to communicate with it but I think I am doing it wrong. I try to talk to it the way I would talk to someone in my physical body. Maybe I should try and talk to it through telepathic way?

Worth trying IMO, most of my astral communication begins that way. Sound is physical, so are the conventions of speech, and the astral isn’t physical, so… :slight_smile:

Worth trying IMO, most of my astral communication begins that way. Sound is physical, so are the conventions of speech, and the astral isn’t physical, so… :)[/quote]

True. Feel a bit confused when I travel. But its very exciting.

I have astral projected before in the past about 3 years ago and again recently unintentionally. I have a hard time doing it tho, I get to the point of vibration which is very intense so much so that I can feel it for several days at a time throughout the day, but I’m not seeming to finish and astral project. Do you know what’s stopping me?