Astral Travel

One of our most powerful tools is astral travel.

For this we use different consciousness modells:

Twatta … travel on the elements



Yggdrasil: the nine worlds

Here we get an understanding how our universe works. Has anybody here understanding about these moddels and worked indide them thu astral travel?

Sorry JOY, can’t add much input on this one. I did work with Kabbalah for awhile several years ago, but not for astral travel. My focus was studying the christian sacraments, the primary chakra systems and the tree of life in comparision; noting the striking similarities between these 3 very diverse belief systems… But once this thread catches on, it’ll gather several followers, I’m sure. Lotsa astral travellers in this bunch :wink: Z

Thanks Zoe, nevermind …

May be I introduce the Qlipphot work at a later time here, It`s a important
tool of the Left Hand Path, but I gues now more in the north.

Astral experience is in line with the velocity of your consciousness. Whilst all peoples consciousness travels beyond the speed of light whilst projected, each persons consciousness and or experience due to the variations in velocity post projection, will be different. The visualisations experienced - the places you go - in other words I might not be able to experience YOUR astral plain, because my consciousness is travelling either too quickly or too slowly. This is indeed possibly the reason that Buhlman experiences a non lit candle after projecting and after having lit a candle before projecting. Of course one way to test my hypothesis which metaphysically speaking is totally plausible, would be to light the candle before projection but to put it on its side, you should see that the wax is still dripping…! I could of course explain this all far more indepthly.

Of course and because no one has ever conceptualised this permutation of metaphysical reality, it has never been witnessed. It is all to do with inert cavity structure dynamic and super acceleration of photons, photonic consciousness and the likes thereof. All new i hasten to add, all additions to the pantheon of knowledge given to me to give to you and to the glory of the most high…!

Have a nice day…!