Astral Travel Out of Body questions

OK so before i really get into astral out of body soul travel here are some questions for ppl who HAVE done it.

How can you protect your body? Like lets say someone decides to rape or fondle your pyshical body during astral travel? Or you end up pissing or shitting yourself due to being gone long days hours etc?
Also can you die during astral travel what would happen if your body died would you be aware? What are some real quick and EASY ways to kick your soul out of the body fast? I am trying this but it feels like a rock or anchor is holding me down i can feel my spirit pushing to get out but it just cant break from the body.

I need some help here…

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I feel like a ballon being tied down by a giant log i feel the soul moving inside the body trying to push out and escape but something or someone is stopping me.

Likely not the best technique, but I had success in the past with a combination of sleep deprivation, stimulants, and copious amounts of dark chocolate.


I’m assuming you mean another physical being molesting your body. In this case, make a space your own. Like your own room. Then, dead bolt the door. If you don’t have a dead bolt, go purchase and install one. If you have windows, lock them as well. If they don’t have locks, you can wedge a metal bar between the gap. Preventing it from being opened.

The longest I’ve been gone was roughly 8 hours. My body didn’t release anything during that time. If you’re really concerned, just get some depends, or adult diapers. lol

Physically, I’m unsure what would happen if your physical body were to die while traveling. You would likely become aware of the death at some point. Particularly attempting to return to the physical body. In my experience, if your astral body is assaulted, it can’t die. Though, it can be “damaged”, but not to a point of death like the physical body.

You sound too grounded. Practice trance work, letting go of the physical.

Interesting that you mention “anchor”. I have an anchor that extends from my tailbone. However, my anchor is below the physical realm… It has dropped to the depths of one of the demonic realms. It’s been like that for a long time, it may have always been that way for me.

It’s increasingly difficult for me to remain in the physical realm. It feels like I’m in an infernal ocean. My head barely bobbing over the surface. All it takes is a slight tug to pull me under; out of my body.

So, practice “dropping” the anchor lower. Drop your anchor in a realm you wish to explore. Then, allow it to pull you out. Fall back into it, let it pull you under. Also note, in my experience, demons can “tug” on my chain and pull me out of my body suddenly.

Also, the descending elevator sensation is useful for dropping out. Practice with that sensation. Hell, seek out an elevator locally. Go to the highest floor, then descend to the lowest. Lose yourself in the sensation, focus deeply on that feeling. Once you are intimately familiar with the feeling, employ it in your trance work.

Just before sleep is also a good time to practice soul travel. That moment between asleep and awake. Practice dropping out.


Thanks alot i fell like i am being weighed down when my soul is trying to escape. I can feel two bodies at once so i know i have a soul spirit inside my body.

I did it once.I will never try it again.

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Really informative answer. Thanks


If I may ask, why won’t you do it again?

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With all due respect, this is one of the oddest astral projection questions I’ve ever heard.


Anything can happen

I was going to die

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