Astral travel guided by Haagenti - concentric spheres

INTRO: I must clarify that I haven’t achieve clairvoyance nor clairaudience, in particular not back then in January of 2017 when this happened. I used weed as a crutch to take advantage of the opportunity that came at an auspicious time, a raw obsidian stone came into my possession a month before, I felt it was “alive” since I touched it, smelling of copal essence, and a friend was the personification of smoking weed every day so I wanted to try something new with this acquisition. To order this experience the description will look like this with my observations and interpretations below. Any information or contribution of your own gnosis to better understand this, the system that represents this onion-like structure or the known names of the spheres, contradictions or things you found interesting. This feels like instead of asking a simple question I go “What is this book about?” and I throw it to your face and for that I apologise, that´s not my intention, if you read it all or just a part I deeply appreciate it in advance for your time, and that at least it has been entertaining.

  1. I was in the bedroom of a friend I had at the time listening to music, sitting in a chair I took the obsidian stone over my lap with both hands resting on the surface, I started doing breathing exercises to go into a trance. Once I feel relax and that my body cells began to vibrate I focus to draw the sigil of Haagenti with blue energy in my mind, repeating her name slowly yet with strong and unspoken words. I felt her presence within me, soft warm, as I saw a blur of light forming in my vision. I couldn’t hear her words, none were needed, but yet I wish to ask her so many things. Due to the uselessness of my circumstance, I requested to her just accompany me, to be by my side in this travel. Again, I couldn’t hear her answer, but felt that she accepted my request, I didn’t know where this trip would take me, there were no words, none were needed.
    My friend liked to show me music that he knew would pierce my eardrums with its hideous sound, you know like any good friend do just to be kidding, but this time thankfully he puts a trance/electronic/dope thing that he thought would be good for the mood, and it was, as the travel went on I couldn’t hear the music nor my heart beat until the very anticlimactic end. Said obsidian stone is the size of my head, since then it rests close to my bed most of the time. The reason why I invoked Haagenti is because I read that she is also Bastet (hence for me is “her” even thou I couldn’t see or perceive any gender during the travel, confusing me even when am certain it was really her nonetheless), she appeared to me in a dream before and since then there has being a connection (or it has always been). As for why I didn’t chant out loud is because I didn’t want to freak him out, well, something else did in the end the next few weeks and haven’t spoken to each other since then. When I felt her presence, I saw the room again with my eyes shut, I tried to move my body but something else that feels like it moved instead, am not sure if it was my astral body but try imagine that you haven’t move an inch since birth, the numbness and the weakness of such body, it felt like I moved that for the very first time in my life, while the physical body lies still on the chair.

  2. As I went deeper in trance I started seeing something that connects each and every living thing, like a yellow network that resembles the neurons in the brain, the soma being an individual and the dendrites and axons the nexus it has with other beings. As I was going upwards more and more the detail enhances revealing that these nexus were white light/energy that shone a golden aura, at first I saw I was near the house, then the city, then the country, it went on until I couldn’t recognize any longer the immediate surroundings except for this web that grew in complexity as what seem at first sight a static web of energy it moved in slow patterns. Looking closer to it somehow, I knew to focus in a different spectrum, like change the lenses you see through, the bright light dims enough to show the dark spaces between each core of the nucleus, as the yellow aura and white energy change into deep turquoise. These different cores resemble polyhedrons, but the one that stood out was the human core, an egg-shaped cocoon with conical spicks sticking out on several places, it wasn’t smooth for it had microscopic lines and dots all over its grey and metallic surface. Only one word came to mind to describe it, artificial.
    For me this is the Material sphere, where all living and corporeal beings dwell, I saw before that bright yellow network many years ago, when in a meditation a tree spoke to me, it’s like when you talk to a plant, you talk to every one of them at the same time, as if they are all one, but before this travel I didn’t imagine this web literally included all living beings. I understood that these cores are the soul of each being, the core which they grow and manifest their individuality (perhaps spirit is a more appropriate term). When I say artificial as the only word I had to describe the human soul is cause am certain that idea didn’t came from me but Haagenti. It seemed different compared to the rest, as if it were modified in that state to serve a purpose, I think the spikes are meant to be the basis to support a structure to grow from them and the lines and dots the program or instructions to do so, but as it is, they are more likely concealing what lies within it. Maybe their original form? I’m not sure that is the basic form of every soul or if it’s just my own, being the latter a concerning thought.

  3. I moved away even more, the patterns I saw in what was then a gigantic sphere were mostly erratic, as if individuals were crashing with each other at random, but also on rare occasions few individual parts moved in synchronicity creating small vortices spinning counterclockwise that stood out for their bluish turquoise among the golden, if only for an instant sometimes a moment before returning to the golden erratic order. Near the surface of the sphere there was something dense, composed of fine thin transparent hairs, entangled with each other, they were filled with conscious thought and emotion, trying to draw themselves outwards into the unknown. Most were short creating the surface density, some extended outside creating incomplete ridges of different sizes, even arcs emulating a solar prominence, and even fewer were the ones that extended straight to the limits of that space. There was a correlation between the hairs and the environment of that space, the closer to the golden sphere there were more of those thin lines and subtler the fumes around, the further away fewer the lines which were the only straight ones and the fumes became more dense and dirty looking. It’s at this point that I saw a silver white line that was pulling me from outside an edge all along, following the course of one straight hair line used as the energy to a conduit, I came close to nothingness, an edge.
    This is the Logos sphere, I call it like that because it seems to me that it contains all the knowledge there was/is/will be known (the Akashic Records? Probably not, it feels like calling the mule a horse), I have little to no idea why I called it Logos but the word came to mind and it sounded appropriate back then. The small vortices in the Material sphere, for me, occur when people reach a certain psychic synchrony between them, able to change the course of the factors of their environment (the story), the rest look like leaves to the wind of that course. The hair, or threads of thought, are drawn at the moment of making a conscious thought of what we do not know, that is to say learning, in the life of a being there is only a certain amount that can be learned before dying, its thread of thought could be picked up by another being and continue in the same direction or change course, which when moving away (or rising depending on how you see it) can be understood as knowledge that brings the being to ascend (but not yet transcend). The grey fog of fumes (mist, smoke or whatever you call it) were beings without a physical body or lack a connection to an aspect of the Material sphere, unlike some spirits that are considered to be manifestations or archetypes of nature, it would seem the ones that need this connection the longer they were without one the more deteriorated they are, maybe some could resist it longer. The edge, as the term suggests, establishes the limit of this sphere which was, from what I saw, the triple radius of the Material sphere, maybe what we consider infinite is just a way to simplify its dimensions to understand it.

  4. That edge, no, calling it edge would underestimate what it is by having it so close. True darkness, absence of all light. Nothing of what I saw went through it, the few threads ended there, the densest fumes didn’t want to enter or couldn’t, but the few that did come out disintegrated in the most basic components that used to form them. Even so, I was still being pulled towards it. When I was about to enter, I saw from another angle that the line that pulled from me ended at the edge of darkness and reappeared at the other end, as if the space that covered the darkness wasn’t there.
    I simply call it Void, is not a sphere but plays a role with the ones already mentioned (whatever that is). It surrounds the previous two circumscribed spheres like a veil, but in this case shrouds the view from inside, all that lies within it forms part of the reincarnation cycle or is subject to it. There’s a buddhist concept that could be exampled here, becoming one with all and became extinguish, there’s a difference between destroying the concept of oneself (ego) and destroying yourself in the process, for what I saw the Void disintegrates the whole into its basic components returning them back to the Material and Logos to be reform into new wholes, maybe some have thought that doing so is the way to Nirvana. Ironically St. Francis of Assisi seems to confuse an “abyss” with “god”, he must had been stoned for that, like talking to a wall and think its divine, or perhaps I just dislike him. The way I crossed was like going from point A to point B not drawing a line but folding the sheet of paper. Here I thought that life and death are two concepts of the same thing, the duality is the manifestation of the aspects of one, this is influenced by what I know of the three alchemical suns (Albedo, Nigredo, Rubedo in that order) so this is subject to bias.

  5. There was no light at first when I repaired at the other side, but there where subtle traces of color. They became more intense as I passed through these layers, seeing all the colors of the spectrum of light, to then see colors that I didn’t know, that shouldn’t exit but still they were there mocking my sensory preconceptions. Passing the entry of this place there was only white, shining silver energy as far as I could sense, it wasn’t a mass but countless individual beings. All those who managed to go through the darkness and leave their incarnate existence were here, their presence was divine, their spirits godlike, they are transcendent. Something showed me this place from a different angle, it was Haagenti again. All spirits were moving in perfect synchrony, without losing the rhythm that wasn’t too fast or too slow, it felt right, rotating all at once counterclockwise, creating large vortices that were formed of smaller vortices of which were formed by other smaller vortices. The whole of this dimension moved in one direction regardless of the scale, counterclockwise.
    I don´t know what to call it, for practical use we will call it the Transcendent sphere, because the ascended masters seem to be there. I didn’t interact with anyone while been there so I have little to say about it. Its radius is double that of the Logos sphere (and if you have paid attention to the class until now you will know that it forms an interesting figure :eye:), from here is where all pattern and order disappear for me.

  6. Everything I have seen so far could not prepare me for the following. I was delighted and curiosity took me on, the environment began to feel different as being inside a deep cave, heavy and hot. It was dark, but this was different, something was floating in the air of space, a breathing. I started to distinguish a red shape, blurred at first, it looked like the tentacle of a sea anemone, tubular and with a rounded tip, then there were more around in my short vision due to the dark. When I began to see more clearly, they extended as far as I could see on an undulating and invisible surface, moving like grass to the wind in crimson meadow, it was a womb. At this very thought something was perturbed, the tentacles began to move in rapid spams against each other and the surface pulsed violently while the pressure of the environment turned dreadful. . . How could I know? It was just a split of a second, everything imploded inwards, then outwards, the surface moved fast and in imposible ways, forming crimson figures in the dark distorted in straight and curve lines at the same time, faster, faster, faster! It was just a split of a second, as I felt my whole being enter in touch with lava, burning all; every cell, every thought, every emotion, every incarnation, out of existence. Astonished, I could barely feel that I was been pulled back to the beginning of the trip, as I saw the great picture before me.
    Chaos, that’s the only way I can describe it, and is not a sphere as I sensed that it extends indefinitely. The reason for that I can explain from the three suns in alchemy again. Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction are different steps of the same process, you start as whole being, then you are destroyed of the impurities, then reform anew as a different being but you are still yourself, and this I know as the process of Creation. Then what about the Uncreated? That doesn’t end for it has no begging, that cannot change in size or state for it has no form. All the previous spheres had some kind of structure or some form of interworking laws, in Chaos no law or structure apply, for is Chaos that breeds Creation (even nothing is still something). So as a whole, all that I saw seem a small part within it, and am tempted to state that the Creation we are living on is not the only one, like a bubble of air moving around in the deeps of a primordial tar it would be arrogant of the little bubble to think it’s the only one there. Then what’s the real purpose? Is Creation a latent collective waiting to be breed within the motherly chaos? Breed into what? After that then what? so many questions that came up and keep coming up after that. This was the last important point, what follows is how the trip concludes, you can skipt it if you like, is only justified to give an end (or was it the other way round?).

#) After that fun experience and the grief has pass, it came to my realization that I was just looking trough one window of many that were open, each showing specific parts of the travel. Wanting to do something different to calm the humor, I returned to the room where my body was. The song my friend put on was ending, and I kept my eyes closed, sitting on the chair, seeing around there were black translucent spots moving about, shadows that approached and moved away with my breathing. I focused on working my chakras, started by the sacrum, scarlet red and spinning with its light, but it seemed stained with black shadows in some parts, so I tried to rotate it faster and vibrate at a higher frequency, then follow the way from the lower spine up finishing the process from top to bottom to mobilize its flow. or that was my intention when I reached the level of the stomach, I was literally pushing up what I had eaten before. A sense of hurry invaded me as I knew what was about to happen, embarrassed beyond belief I told Hageenti that I was sorry to end so abruptly with the meditation, if she said anything I could only sense what it was, she wasn’t offended at all and understood the situation, but even so I thought it was unpleasant in a sad and pathetic way, thanked her for everything one last time. I saw the instructions to close the meditation, draw in my mind the astrological symbol of the sun in purple so no other entities could come through the channels I opened. I didn’t understand how I knew this, didn’t care as something was going up in my esophagus. I opened my eyes and ask my friend if he had a plastic bag or a dumpster at hand, he just looked at me incredulously and asked if I felt bad, I just gag in response trying my best to keep the mouth shut. He took me to the balcony where the unseemly action took place, having finished I only focused on the palms of my hands, which despite being still vibrated to such a frequency that it felt cold but emanating heat from being in contact with the obsidian stone (told you it is anticlimatic but you dont listen).

SO, this is the summary of what happened, hope you enjoy it (took me three days to translate these ideas coherently). Since then I have only found one single material that describes this in a Rosicrucian book that makes a diagram of the Material sphere and mentions the others (The Secret Doctrine of The Rosicrucians see page 45), and the entrance of the Qliphoth described as a womb (which I don’t remember where I read it). See ya.


Solve, Coagula. =)

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I had to research to remember that I read those words before, how weird to remember the meaning but not the name. Thanks for that.

Did the rest rings any bells? Anything that resembles the description of what I saw? I don’t know what or where to search.

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Plenty of it is familiar. You should do an image search for “cosmology”.


This may come as of late, but I think is worth sharing it.

The picture you show reminds me at first of something else I study from a manga (Berserk) and how its cosmology is set up.

Even the core chain structure of the Kabbalah is reminiscent of another concept depicted on the same manga, the “idea of evil” or a thought form god and how it manisfested from the Abyss to the Physical layer, when normally only adjoining layers can be traversed.

I did search images for “cosmology”, lots of things to dig in, but the one that got my attention was this one of The Matrix 12 domain universe

and its uncanny similarity with this picture from my first book of alchemy which I quote.

The alchemical process as a septenary vortex. The Beetle means the raw material of the seven metals, which can take any shape and diverse colors (golden, green, red, white, black, cerulean) as it undergoes the alchemical treatment. Its tail ends in the egg, from which it is born and to which the spiral of the seven metals and planets returns. Of Oedipus aegyptiacus of Athanasius Kircher, 1653.
Elémire Zolla, An Introduction to Alchemy: the wonders of nature, page 245.

(Oedipus aegyptiacus is on latin, and if you dont know how to read it then we are on the same page, but its content is good and might be of use to you).

I wanted to reply this to you because I see the synchronicity that all this has with your writings in The Book of Levi, and maybe we can exchange notes on the topics that interest us sometime.

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I saw that word today when I was looking up stuff about the planets…


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Yea. It is very common to find the septenary when you are looking for information about the planets, usually you find it as a seven-pointed star with a planet at each end.

But when it comes to knowing what sequence they are in, the most likely is the following order; Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. You find this, for example, in John Dee’s philosophical egg, among other similar ones.

It is the process of internal change that happens when passing through each planet, or the steps to be followed according to its characteristics, although it is true that there are other works where they change the order in which one must travel these aspects.

Pretty sure that’s Oedipus of Egypt or Egyptian Oedipus. In this case, though, it is the title of the referenced work.

Edit: I’m pretty sure you can find translated versions online.

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I’m pretty sure that guy’s a magician.