Astral Tendrils

Hello all. I’ve developed astral tendrils lately as a result of practicing the “feeding frenzy” technique. I’m now physically aware of when I’m feeding on others, even though I’m not consciously trying to do so.

So I have a question to all experienced vampires out there. Should I worry about possibly feeding on people such as E.A. Koetting, Charles Cosimano, etc.? I worry that it might be possible since I watch E.A’s videos, think about him and his guests and their experiences, etc. It’s got me paranoid. I don’t want to be perceived as an attacker and “dealt with”.

I’ve made the general conclusion that it’s possible, but since I have no personal relationship with these renowned magicians, nor have I ever been in the same room with them, I wouldn’t unconsciously forge a link strong enough to make significant energy pulls.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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I think you are subconsciously pulling from them, but they would have stupidly big defenses. Do you know how many death threats they likely get?

Nothing to worry about, IMO.

(PS, make sure you’ve introduced yourself to us on the intro thread and read the rules :wink:)


I’ll do that. Thanks for the heads up!

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Why not modify it into astral tentacles, then you can get some energy while you get sum fuk.


Alright Cthulhu lol


I was thinking more along the lines of Hentai…

Do I need to get Andy “Touch a tyke I’ll set you alight” Warski after you?