Astral Temple VS Physical Temple?

Which of these would you say is better to cast rituals?

It appears that Astral Temples are a great way to connect with Spirits and perform Rituals for those who cannot do so in the physical world.

Also here you can visualize the items needed for a ritual with the exception being the offerings.

You can also create an Astral Altar.


I use the astral more, but I like to run in the physical too, it’s fun and feels more formal, and I find it easier to take notes during.


I use both pretty frequently in my practice, Its just a matter of whether you feel you should do it, it take intuition to decide this. And like you said Preforming larger rite that you dont have materials for in the Astral are better in that sense but a physical one is better for beginners to build a visual library and build energy to help with the Astral one.


Depends on the need. You need to learn how to use both.


Well, go into meditation and see if you can reach a place of true piece within yourself.
Not all of us can.
That’s to answer only a part.

Look, physical temples are mostly places of worship.

I recommend to establish it as a tool.
Like you’re having a phone or computer to connect to people,
the altar is your alchemical tool,
to contact intelligences which aren’t human.




Valid point!


Thanks, you know, I personally tend to forget that since I deal mostly in blood rites.

I prefer a physical temple. Mostly because I rather like using real tools and materials. I spent a lot of time and a decent amount of money making and charging them.