Astral Temple Uninvited Visitors

Today, I created my Astral Temple. Now, normally I wouldn’t tell anybody, but I’m not saying what it would be used for.

It was a tower, in a field of very divided dead yellow grass and vibrant dark green. On the left, a looming forest. On the right, a gigantic peak that stretched seemingly forever. On the side of the field, closer to the mountain, was my temple- a tower. So I decided I’d walk in and get a good view of where my rituals would take place.

When I walked in, the layout was very simple. In front of me, my altar, and behind it, two staircases reaching upwards. As I went to collect materials for the ritual, I noticed something on the left staircase. A spirit.

It was a collection of dust particles in the shape of a person, looking curiously at me. I could tell it was tense and unsure, and instead of trying to contact it I grabbed the black dagger on my altar and rushed it, stabbing it in the gullet. It didn’t bleed, but I knew it was dying. As it died, I saw myself absorbing it like I would vampirically drain someone, and felt the physical buzz.

So, it was something. I’ve never drained quite so much energy in a spirit before.

Thoughts? Anyone experience something strange, like this? I’m curious to hear about it.

Good hunting,

Why didnt you contact it first?

Looking upon it, I got two mental impressions, one of which felt like two things: That either I was invading its territory, or it was on my territory. And the second impression, was that it was ready to attack me.

So, I took the initiative.

Well if you felt it was going to attack you, you did the right thing. the curious thing about my astral temple is that i always arrive in it. For example, im in my earthly temple which is just a plain empty room in my house and when i start my rituals suddenly i see the marble floor and columns of my temple and im sitting in the circle which was described in the BOA. the entities would normally enter through great doors which are at the northen and southern parts of the temple.

Interesting. I don’t have a physical temple due to spacing concerns, but it is strange to hear of the marble floor and columns. I’ve never seen those, but I’ve only done a single ritual as of yet. Most of my magick is energetic.

Yeah if you eat or drain astral objects you’ll get a good buzz like that. Doesn’t always need to be a regular spirit either, I tried doing this with an astral bowl of fruit.

That’s a good idea, actually. I might try to materialize those astral fruits one day.

That’d be funny. Imagine someone like me just walking down the street, and suddenly a pineapple materializes in my hand.

I would be the death of pigeons everywhere.

The first time I had an unsettling experience was during my very first ritual, beginning to work through the exercises in a particular manual. I was standing before my altar with my robe on, etc. just having completed the preparatory cleansing bath and relaxation visualization. I was at a section where I was to begin visualizing a brilliant globe of white light far above me, and see it descend. However, I could see a conglomeration of black particles like a small cloud of insects hovering around it. I felt afraid of that, as it was not part of the exercise, nor was it mentioned in the manual. This was a new experience, and I had very little training at the time. So I stood there for an long time, concentrating on the white light, willing the spots to disappear. Finally the cloud of black specks faded and disappeared, and I continued the operation.

Over time I have had a several experiences where what appeared to be entities interfered with astral or imaginative work. Various methods of dealing with them I have tried… ignoring them, re-starting the exercise until they are not there, banishing them, having a discussion with them, or absorbing/devouring their power. These interference’s happen less frequently over time as I continue to practice.

I was performing a certain work of darkness, and astrally and physically everything darkened. With my eyes closed, everything still darkened.

May I ask the kind of work it was (if the result has already shown)?

It was traditional ceremonial ritual. To align the self with divine energies and general self empowerment. I continued to do these for a period of months, common exercises including; Relaxation Ritual, Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Cabalistic Cross, Middle Pillar, Circulation of the Body of Light, Greater Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, etc.

Eventually resulting in a very strong and at will ability to call up energy and move it through my body or into other people, a strong increase in my visualization skills, and a strong increase in self confidence. They transformed my own perspectives of myself as a human body/mind to know myself through experience as an energetic being also.

I’ll have to look into those self empowerment ones. Do you mind me asking how long these changes took to manifest?

Hmm… the most noticeable change initially was the awakening of my ability to feel energy flowing around my body and then an ability to direct it. This was the result primarily of using the Middle Pillar followed by the Circulation of the Body of Light.

Initially they were just visualizations. Then after some weeks I started noticing tingling and my body swaying slightly as I was imagining the light flowing around me. Eventually after a couple months of practice I could call this up at will, and begin to direct it to charge objects or work with healing, etc.

The book Modern Magick has many of these basic ceremonial rituals and is commonly available. It was recommended by a former associate who was an O.T.O. member, and is widely used as a working reference. The Invoking Omnipotence exercises E.A. has in Evoking Eternity, Chapter Three: Preparatory Works I think would produce a similar or better result, although I have not worked through it yet. The key is practicing until it becomes an automatic at will response, whatever method you use.

Seems doable. Well, I’ve already had astral success pre-consecration of the temple (which I just did before posting). Now, my ascent can truly begin as a Black Magician! Bwahahah!

(Evil thunder and lightning)