Astral temple questions

If you create an astral temple and get stuck there permanently will you die? Can you die in the astral? What if a parasite gets inside your astral temple and kills you? What are the consequences of dying in the astral? Is it necessary to astral travel or project in order to create an astral temple? Are there any dangers involved in creating an astral temple?


You can’t get stuck in your astral temple, the astral is the mental plane, you create it you can come and go as you please.

If a thoughtform parasite gets inside banish it and make it unable to enter again, if you die in the astral nothing happens you just have to re-project, as aforementioned the astral is a mental-esque plane the worse that can happen is you get spooked.

There’s no consequences from dying in the astral.

no it’s not necessary astral temples can be created simply by writing it and imagining it with enough faith and attention that you manifest its existence into the astral.

No dangers aside from youre in the astral or affecting a small portion of the astral in which case it may draw the attention of parasites but that can be handled easily.


If you draw the attention of parasites how do you destroy them in the astral?

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With your will you cast them out perma, the astral works based off the imagination and will. My astral temple has not been touched by parasites because I barred it off from parasites. If you do not want them and you are firm in that desire when making the astral temple than you do so off the same basis of how the astral works. You’re also very capable of altering the astral temple anytime at your own leisure.

I like topics like this so thanks for posting. The trick is not to draw them in in the first place.
But you should have either an astral army on hand for that, or at least a working relationship with angels.
If you are wanting to live in your own astral city in the life after, than yes you have a greater potential to die in the astral I do believe. The most common ways to die is to be eattin or to run out of food.
If you die by being eattin I believe you become what eats you, If you die from lack of food you disperse and your energy gets recycled. In both cases you maybe able to become you again if put together again, but otherwise you become a different you.

Finding food is the tough part. If you merge with God and come back down you can be covered in light that you can feed yourself and others with for a while before you have to do it again. This is essentially the bodhisattva stage. You create services for exchange, but that is easier if you are a healer and a bodhisattva .

If you create your city in a bubble dome it can keep people out, but it is probably better to have people in your city, but you don’t want just anyone. You will need lots of food to survive the astral and run a city, but if you are just talking about a temple in this life, we are probably exaggerating the dangers to a large extent. You wouldn’t want to call up just any demon though. Lilith can be a major parasite especially if you are on bad terms with her for example and spirits like that, hard core succubus’s and incubus’s are very hard to get rid of, in my experiences even angels have trouble keeping them gone.

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Is any of this even possible?

No, it’s not.

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As I Bloody Thought!