Astral taking or kidnapping?

I was taken in the middle of the day by a winged creature, but then recieved audio instructions to ignite my “rockets” in order to fly astrally into a deep space where I found the speed of my travel to disinegrate many negative problems, but the allure of total disinegration was stopped only by the attatchment to the children who screamed for me to come back and save them. I now revere this nothingness that disinegrates all pain, but still cannot figure out how this absolute darkness in its pleasant relief figures in with the fir and aggression it and we feel with the darker ones. I thank you for all that you do, because I do truly appreciate your rituals and male aggressive stance, as a female, it is sometimes difficult to see past the intimidations. But your rituals ans your works have helped me after being tired by what I fear are simply too many battles against many. I especially like your announcement of the nine kings, for I battled an equal nine levels of the abramatic side when I arose, ans I found the recollection of the nine levels comforting. I was giveb a mathmatical explanation of nine when I was younger and I am sure that this correlates to your nine kings. will stop here, but I want again to praise your work and am so grateful for your outpouring of knowledge. I I aggree that true magicians are those revealing themselves, as we are outting our bets in the table, not for ourselves, but for the little ones whom we are sworn to protect. And i think you are extremely handsome and brave! Much love to you!