Astral sex

How does someone go about doing this and what are some uses and benefits?

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LOL well let me blunt with this one. with ME, i didnt have to try hard at all. If you want it bad enough it will happen automatically when u are there. i can say over 90% of the time i astral project i am automatically looking for a boy to screw. and i find them. the benefits are amazing 100% disease free sex with no gag reflex!!!


I love Astral Sex! I’ve awaken to many woman lying next to me in bed, only to realize it was my astral eyes that were open. But everything feels, looks, smells, and tastes real. I just had an Astral hook-up last week with an amazing girl, who wasn’t being satisfied in real life so…anyway, if you’re out and about on the astral plane and don’t have anything better to do, why not have hot astral sex!


Hmm… Makes one want to double his efforts in learning astral projection! Though if you are magically inclined, according to Bardon, you can also create your own entity and imbue it with whatever attributes you want to. So once you create the perfect sex entity, you won’t even have to leave your body to have sex with it, just use your inner vision… then its straight to bed… or the copy room!


uh… this thread kinda made me blush. stop. lolololol



You might be interested in looking at pages 112 through 115 of Bardons “The Practice Of Magical Evocation”. This event is also what is described by Bardon about what his friend did with creating a spirit and then married her…the account is written up in the book “Frabrato the Magician”. It does not describe the method in the latter how she was created but does relate the problem he created by not holding to his promise. The entire subject in those two books are full of insight.

Uncle Fester

Hmmm, this is interesting. Do you have to find someone who is also astral traveling? Or can you make love to people who is in their physical body?

If your targets are not astral travelers then how do you get their consensus? I mean won’t most mundane people just freak out if some “spirit” just shows up and appears to want to have sex with them?

If you are commenting to me…the above description I listed was not in regard to astral…An undine was called…a person with a great body must have been selected that was soon to die…at the moment of physical death and the spirit of that person leaving the body…the undine spirit entered and rejuvinated the physical body…with the family members being no better informed than a great healing by the doctor took place. Then after a short time the undine in the new body makes some kind of break with the physical family and moves on away…then the magician married the undine spirit having a great looking wife that he wanted…only trouble is that when you marry the undine or come into a relationship with one, you are bound to have no other relationship or sex with any other…and this is where the downfall of the magician took place because of dishonoring the agreement…but again, this is written up in the book mentioned above…

Now, if you were not addressing me with you question…I am so sorry for coming in like this to cause a problem.

Uncle Fester

As to finding a willing participant. So far for me, I have been the one being sought out. Having seen and felt the spirit of a woman in my bed. I’ve also sent some away as their appearance was not pleasing to me. In my latest hook-up I met with the room-mate of my ex-girlfriend who had just went through a nasty divorce. She was not wanting a relationship or really even the information that she was wanting to hook up with me to get out. But I did meet her on the astral plane and we engaged in very hot sex! It was almost real, but the real thing would have been better at this point. Though my astral abilities are moving in the direction of actually being able to touch and feel the environment around me.

As far as entering into someones subconscious and effectively rape them, I’m sure it’s possible. I’ve entered into the subconscious mind of a friend to help him achieve Astral Travel for the first time, but sex with an unwilling partner does not excite me on the physical or the astral level so I wouldn’t attempt it.


[quote=“Maxx, post:8, topic:187”]Now, if you were not addressing me with you question…I am so sorry for coming in like this to cause a problem.

Uncle Fester[/quote]

It’s alright. By the way, your description reminds me of Tyson’s “Sexual Alchemy”. Have you read that book?

Does this happens to you naturally when you travel astrally? Can I do something to make myself “magnetic” like this to those on the astral plane?

@CosmicFlame…No, I have never read that book…Sex Magic has never caught my interest yet…maybe the next 70 years!

Uncle Fester

Cosmic Flame,

Short answer is yes and yes. I think I’m sought after naturally because I have a very strong energy vibration and light. If you work on the exercises that collect light, an learn to channel your light to your chi centers or chakras you’ll find that not only a host of willing participants will find their way to you for astral sex but your magick in general will become much more powerful. You’ll also have the inverse consequence of drawing those nasty little parasites looking to feed on your energy as well. Deal with them harshly like you would a mosquito.

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This surely gives me motivation to do energy work regularly lol.

Is LRP and MP a viable option for this kind of exercise?

Thanks for sharing!

Actually that book is about how to have spirit sex and how to use spirit sex as a form of alchemy instead of common sex magick. May be of your interest when you’re in the next 70 years.

The LBRP is not a way of gathering light. It’s a way of projecting light in a protective manner. The Middle Pillar yes, that’s a way to focus your light on your chakras. See my discussion on Yoga and Chi gong with Demons to discover a great scale to sing to harmonize your chakras. Also I’ve been using EA’s method given Evoking Eternity and mixing that with sun-gazing, moon gazing, or my absolute favorite…Sunbathe by the pool, and consciously gather the light and focus it into your chakras! In about 20 minutes time you’ll be so full of power and light you’ll feel like a nuclear explosion is ready to go off inside of your spirit! far as my dirty little astral travels are concerned, I did it again with a willing participant! It was so sensual and hot! Almost makes me want to fall asleep again. lol!

I opened my third eye and was immediately transported to the spiritual realm. Which would I do not know but it has something to do with the pineal gland in my opinion.

Melatonin is a good pineal gland decalcifier and getting a shaktipat or awakening your Kundalini will put you in contact with third eye opening.

It’s intense. I don’t understand the other people who speak of lifting up out your body while sleeping that was never my experience, the portal out is thru the brain imo


Ive never quite been able to project at will. Perhaps this is what I need to know.

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