Astral senses

hi i want to train my astral senses. after i develop them do i still need to train them. do they atrophy like a body muscle or do they remain

Most people use meditation, thats what I use. binaural beats for specific chakras (they are linked to astral senses). they don’t feel like they atrophy. and when you develop them, it is always good to work on them and make them better, cuz there is always room for improvement.

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I would say, yes, they are like muscles. Your expanded perception will shrink if you do not maintain a regular maintenance practice of daily meditation and energy work. That is the way the physical world works, and your expanded senses are still part of your biological makeup and subject to the adaptation response.


Once you have developed the habit of meditating daily, 1000 horses couldn’t keep you from it…it has that much value to ascent.

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but does normal meditation develop your astral senses? right now i practice meditation to develop my astral senses. when i develop them do i need to do i still need to do meditation for my astral senses or can i do normal meditation?