Astral projection

I’m still learning about my path… ( if you don’t know then you won’t know lol ) but like I want to astral project ive always wanted to for some reason I feel
Iike it will change my life thing is I’ve never done it successfully. Like when I was 12 I did attempt And it worked it actually was working alittle too good because I was scared and I stopped it from happening ever since then it has never worked for me And I saw someone post about soul travel and gosh I was jealous i want to experience it sooner than later any tips , techniques or advice I WANT TO FLY BADLY also it’ll help my predatory agenda a lot


I wouldn’t be surprised the younger you are the more Imaginative you can be , and that’s a powerful tool in magic that most of us lose as we grow older
But meditation is an excellent way to open the imagination that will take you places
I’d say you need to exercise it.
That exercise is recommended by my friend
(I never tired it yet)
You need to practice it every night before going to bed
In dark room shut your eyes and place your attention on the Spiritual Eye. It’s right above and between the eyebrows
Take deep breaths relaxing muscles
Try not to fall asleep and after getting into a trance state he would ask your Guardian Angel or king paimon to take him to spirtual places while visualizing him grabbing his hands and pulling his souls out his body
He told me he got better results with king paimon
By charging his sigil placing it under his pillow
And you should practice it daily until you get there.

Okay thankyou

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