Astral projection?

Hello talkingbird here,

So for the past month/months, i have been researching astral projection but i could only find things about what it is, the other dimensions and thats it.

I am really intresting in astral projection and have read a few books regarding that topic including some other things, i am interested in doing it myself but i have a hard time finding information how you do it that isn’t fake.

So could any one please tell me if it is possible for me to astral projections and maybe give some basic information , so i can compare if the information i have learned is indeed real and if some of you people have stories or advice regarding this topic, i am happy to read them!

Hope you all have a nice day or night-


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It’s possible and something plenty over here do

However I myself have not done it yet despite much trying

There’s no one method that works - people find what works for them

If there was just one… I’d have got the hang a long time ago as it’s something I really desire to do and have had tons of great suggestions on techniques

Use the search function and there’s countless chats on it

But don’t worry :wink: if it takes a while it takes a while … or you might find something that works immediately


Check out Robert Bruce’s book, mastering astral projection.


Thank you so much!!!

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i will definetly check it out!!

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I second any material from Bruce to learn Astral travel / OBE

I progressed very well under a few months with them


Search function, have you tried that?

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Just discovered today

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Thank you so much, hope you find a method that works for you.

Have a wonderful day or night

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I tried but somehow the search function doesn’t work on my laptop but a few minutes ago i discovered it works on my phone.

Have a nice day/night!